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Catching Carp with a Handy Gizmo called a Method Feeder

In fishing there’s so many new things out there for the sake of conversation we’re going to call this one a “Gizmo”. Now although these have been around a while it’s always refreshing to stay up to date with good products. Anyone not familiar with method feeders wouldn’t have a clue what method feeders are. Here’s an introduction to method feeder’s for carp fishing, watch the video’s too, if you’ve never heard of it or never tried it you are going to want to go out a get one today!

Catching Carp with a Handy Gizmo called a Method Feeder
Catching Carp with a Handy Gizmo called a Method Feeder

Preston Quick release method mould
Developed to allow perfect loading of groundbait onto the Preston In-line Flat Method Feeder, the Quick Release Method Mould quickly forms a perfect feeder full of groundbait or pellets every time. This ensures more accurate casting due to the constant size of the loaded feeder.

The release button on the bottom ensures that the feeder is ejected consistently, without the frustration of leaving the groundbait in the mould.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Preston In-line Flat Method Feeder.

Baggin’ up with minnowmaster209.


LuckyStrike Remote Control Fishing Boat www.rcfishingworld.com Catching little Bluegill’s around the shore is just as much fun, if not more fun when they’re being caught with a remote control boat! Using a peice of nightcrawler on a small hook the “LuckyStrike RC Fishing Boat” lived up to it’s name. Catching fish after fish, the fun never ended! It is a spunky boat too, at 32 inches long, twin 390 motors, and with a 7.2 volt 3300 mah Venom battery it gets about 30-40 minutes of real fishing fun. This rc boat has a range of about 400 feet. Next time we are going to do some bait casting with the boat and see if we can catch a big one!

Should You Use Stink Bait Or Live Bait For Catching Big Catfish?

A long-lived debate amongst catfish anglers concerns which bait is most effective for catching big catfish: stink bait or live bait.

The answer is both.

This is why: Catfish possess a sense of smell more powerful than a bloodhound’s and they target wounded prey with shark-like ferocity.

But this is the bottom line: Stink bait catches the most catfish, but live bait catches the biggest.

Favorite live baits include night crawlers, minnows, crawdads, shad, menhaden and freshwater clams. Bluegill can also be used as live bait where it’s legal to do so. Live baits also include chicken livers, shrimp and cut bait–such as shad, anchovies, carp, sardines or mackerel–even those these baits aren’t technically “live.”

The type of live bait used should be dictated by the type of catfish you’re fishing for. Flatheads are attracted to bluegill, whereas big blue or channel catfish prefer minnows, shad or menhaden. Catching big catfish can be as easy as using bait like crawdads and waterdogs.

If you’re using cut bait, it can be aged for a few days to until it becomes sour bait, which adds stink bait attraction. Just place a few chunks in a canning jar and leave an inch of air space below the lid. Add a few drops of water, close the lid fairly loosely, and bury it in the ground in a sunny location for a few days. It’s quite stinky, but it’s a delicacy for catfish. Sour bait is particularly effective in early spring, when catfish are naturally feeding on other fish that have died over the winter.

Anglers typically use single hooks for live bait. But treble hook rigging is also possible.

As for stink baits, they come in a variety of pastes, dips and nuggets. If you’re adventuresome, you can experiment with making your own, or they can be purchased.

Dip baits require a special lure, which is usually a treble hook equipped with a sponge to absorb the stinky bait. Paste baits are typically squeezed from a tube into a soft plastic lure that’s attached to double or treble hooks. And of course, nuggets are threaded directly onto single or treble hooks. Limburger cheese is considered a type of stink bait!

Stink baits can be placed on a leader behind a swivel and a sliding sinker. Alternatively, they can be placed off a three-way swivel or dropper loop above a weight, or simply on the main line with split shot. The variety of rigs, swivels and weights used is basically the same as those used with live bait.

Then, of course, you can enjoy the best of both worlds and double your chances of success by dipping live bait into stink bait! Then you’re likely to catch a load of fish and the big one. Many locales allow using multiple fishing rods or multiple-hook rigs, so you can even use stink bait on one rig and live bait on the other to experiment with which is working better at a particular location.

Beyond stink bait and cut bait, some anglers use dough bait. They may roll white bread into dough balls or include cereal flakes or flour in homemade stink bait recipes. Carp are attracted to dough baits, and catfish sometimes school with carp.

Some anglers have reported catching big catfish on nothing at all–just a shiny hook! Shiny lures and spinners work, too.

Catfish are also attracted by chumming, but this method is not legal everywhere. Chum can be purchased in cans, blocks or bags. Other effective chum includes cheap canned cat (as in feline) food, finely chopped bait, ground-up fish innards or even road kill in a weighted burlap sack.

So whether you use live bait or stink bait depends on whether you want to land that trophy fish or need to feed an army of people! For more great tips on catching big catfish, check out the blog below.

To read more great catfishing tips check out this site Catching Big Catfish


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Stink Bait Recipies – Different Stinkbait Recipies for Catching Catfish

The catfish is a unique species of fish with prominent barbells that gives them the appearance of whiskers, which is what earned them the name catfish. They also have spines on their dorsal fins which may cause a lot of pain if you are stuck by one, depending on the type of catfish you are catching. Despite this fact, catfish are one of the most sought after species around and anglers will travel for miles to find a good fishing spot in which to catch them.

There are many different methods available when it comes to fishing for catfish but there’s nothing quite like using the right stink bait recipe to get the perfect catfish. If you’re looking for a stink bait that has those catfish practically jumping into your lap, here are some great ideas.

Sardine Bait Mix – Sardine bait mix is made with flour, water, sardines in oil, salt, tropical fish food and cream of tartar. Mix up all the ingredients in a pan and simmer until it becomes thick and hard to stir. Next, you need to remove the mixture from the heat and allow it to cool by spreading it out ontoe the mixture has dissolved spread it out on the aluminum foil and cut into cubes while it is still warm.

Blood Bait Mix – Blood bait mix is made up of flour, cornmeal, garlic powder, chicken blood, cheese cloth and strawberry jell-o. Combine these ingredients and then roll them up into ops. Combine all the ingredients together with the exception of the coco pops until the mixture is stiff enough to form a ball. When you are ready to use the mixture you need to place the coco pop onto the hook and squish the bait around it into a ball.

Catfish and Carp Hotdog Bait Mix Catfish and Carp Stink Bait Mix – With this bait you will need nightcrawlers, flour, frozen bread dough, sour cream, beef livers and garlic powder. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and kneed them together.

There are other recipes available and many anglers have designed their own special concoction that works wonderfully. All stink bait should be kept in an air tight marked container until ready to use. This will keep it fresher so you can get the full benefits from the bait. It’s the strong odor that draws the catfish to your bait. Experienced anglers have learned they can have a lot of success when using stink baits. In fact, many have doubled the number of fish they can reel in during each fishing trip.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best catfish fishing information possible. Get more information on Stink Bait Recipies here:

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How do bait boats help in catching those great carps?

While I do admire the wonders of nature while keeping an eye on my rods, my main target remains to catch some great carps. Let’s imagine we are now sitting at the edge of a pool, alleged to be populated by numerous carps, pike and other fish. We have our rods, bait and we need to decide where to have our swim.

How would you select your swim? Following your fishing experience, trusting your fellow anglers’ opinion, … ? Most of the time we are talking about hard to reach places, which puts us for another challenge: get our rig and bait over to that presumed ideal fishing spot. So we would like to be able to locate the fish and get our rig and bait to that spot with maximum accuracy and minimum risk. We need a tool to transport both bait and rig to the spot where the large fish have their meal.

 Thanks to modern technology we have the perfect solution via a radio controlled bait boat. If the rc bait boat is fitted with a fish discoverer, you can finally fulfil all the aspirations of a real carp or pike angler: find the ideal fishing spot and get yourself over to that perfect position with rig and bait to catch them fish. These radio controlled bait boats come in different taste and flavours, so when selecting your rc bait boat you need to always keep in mind your goal and your needs.

Is the function for finding fish with your rc bait boat required?
As mentioned in paragraph above, we want to locate the fish, in which case the fish finder function is necessary.
Be aware of the fact that there are bait boats that only deliver the more common purpose of a bait boat, which is to render the lure on your preferred location. As those rc bait boats do not accept the fish finder option, will not be able to add the fish finder function afterwards.

What is your normal quantity of bait?
The bait boats’ capacity is specified in kg or lbs. If the weight of your bait boat is specified to maximum 0.5kg, you could have to arrange multiple trips if your desired bait quantity is much more. Make up your mind about this specification as it also has implications for the price.

What is the maximum distance from your rod to your swim?
This range is expressed in m or ft and generally varies between 200 and 600m. Exceeding the distance might cause you to lose radio control over your rc bait boat. It is up to you to select the bait boat with the appropriate maximum range in line with your fishing style.

Is fishing at any time of the day a requirement?
Navigation lights and led indicating your bait has dropped will come in handy if you prefer fishing at night or in misty circumstances. Bait boats equipped with gps steering capabilities are ideal for this kind of work, but their high cost makes them less attractive.

What is your budget?
We hope that the selection criteria above allow you to evaluate your needs and choose your bait boat within your budget.

Smart fishing requires keen tools and talent. At heliosonline we provide a bait boat campaign to allow for better selection and use  of your rc bait boat.

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