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i go carp fishng some because carp in my pond stay in the middle were i cant get to them but they come right up to the shore now they dont have mates they are single fish that seem to be making a nest o something because they just sit and blow dirt here and there and they dont bite bait they just run from it. anyone know what time of spawn it is for the and how catch them. p.s corn and bread dont work is there any mixture or something that does

buccaneersfan#1 asked:

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Homemade Carp Groundbait + Carp Fishing Question?

Tom asked:

Hi, I am fishing for carp using a method feeder. In the feeder I usually put my pellets with some groundbait to hold them in. Then I squeeze as many maggots as I can onto my hook (size 16 I think). I have caught quite a few carp (each 1-2lbs) by doing this but I would like to know how to make my own groundbait that will attract the bigger carp (5/6 lbs or more). I would need this to be quite simple but effective. Also is there any other way that I can catch bigger carp?

Thanks Tom 🙂

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