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Five Tips on Fly Fishing for Carp

Carp are sometimes hard to catch as they are very smart, easily spooked, and hard to trick.  If you plan on fly fishing for carp, there are a few things you should know to increase your success.  This article will give you a few tips.


It’s best to use flies that imitate food that carp are used to eating.  You can use a fly that poses as a small aquatic organism such as a worm, small crayfish, or leech.  Flies that imitate mulberries and seeds from a cottonwood tree also have a higher success rate.  Carp also feed on the dragonfly, damselfly, and mayfly larvae, so flies that look like that are also useful.


When fly fishing for carp, you should know that they are extremely sensitive to smell and taste.  Therefore, you should use a commercial product to add scent to the fly.  Alternatively, you can take some mud from the river bank or bottom and rub it all over the fly.  It will do enough to help mask your scent although it’ll come off after your initial cast.


Speaking of casting, you should always cast your fly as close to the carp’s nose as possible.  They have tunnel vision when feeding.  This means that they won’t go off course to eat your fly if you don’t place it close enough.  You will have much more success only going after fish you have spotted as opposed to hoping one happens across your bait.


As mentioned earlier, these fish are easily spooked.  Once you spook one of them, it will emit a pheromone to warn others of potential danger.  This means you usually only have one shot when fly fishing for carp.


Carp are usually found going into the direction of the wind.  However, this doesn’t mean that you should try to cast downwind to catch them.  If you try to fish going downwind, they will detect your scent quicker.  As you already know, they have a great sense of smell.  So, make sure you cast from behind them or from one of their sides.

These are a few tips on fly fishing for carp. If you’re relatively new, there are many fly fishing basics you need to learn. So, click here now to pick up a few fly fishing tips to get you started.

The Secret To Fly Fishing For Carp

Fly fishing for carp is a popular variation on fly fishing and many anglers enjoy this sport. However, most anglers think fly fishing is associated with trout and salmon,  but it is also associated with carp and even deep-sea fish. Carp are a real fighter and there is nothing about angling for this fish which is ordinary or average, hence the popularity of carp fly fishing today.

The secret to catching carp is simple, speed and accuracy. You need to spot him and have your line in the water before he spots you. The below items are a must as there is a fine line between being fast and accurate and having heavy enough gear to be able to land the beastie.

The carp fly fisherman or woman needs to be able to spot the fish and cast accordingly, so the most important item is the rod. You and your rod have to be able to make a fast and accurate case over 3 to 15 m of water and whatever else is in your way so a 6 ‘ 8 graphite rod of between 8’6′ and 9’ in length is a good choice according to experts of this sport.

Because the carp put up something of a fight the butt of the rod needs a solid back-bone while the tip should be medium. If the carp are larger where you intend fishing then the 9 foot rod is also highly recommended, big is anything from 16 to 25 lbs!

To be accurate and fast, means that a hard rod won’t be accurate and if the rod is too soft, it won’t be able to take the weight of these dirty fighters. Carp are energetic to say the least when they have been hooked and this is what makes them such an attractive prize for fishermen. The prize certainly isn’t in the delicate flavor or great good looks.

A large reel with an expose rim is required and your hooked carp will give the reel a run for its money. It is a large an tricky fish so you need Micron or Dacron with at least a 20 pound weight. If the water is snaggy ‘ make this 30lbs, and have at least 150 m of backing line, carp will take out the maximum of line on many occasions.

Use a tapered leader of 10lbs and additional tippet, carp will happily take many different flies, with woolly buggers being a favourite. Keep a good stock of all the woolly bugger colors and varieties, and try Daves hoppers, muddler minnows and others. Carp eat insects as a big part of their diet, so getting them to take flies is not a problem. The problem lies in accurate, fast casting

Because your cast has to be fast and accurate, a pair of polarized sunglasses is the next important item on your shopping list. Choose the amber or brown variety as these, cut glare to a minimum and create great contrast.

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Fishing For Carp With Proven Techniques Tips And Tricks Catch More Big Carp

Like many once you start fishing for carp you will surely find a pleasurable and fulfilling pastime and this explains why carp fishing is growing bigger and widespread around the developing world.

Our Fishing for carp website is designed to help all levels of carp fishing anglers, be it from a beginner level to a highly seasoned and advanced carp fishing specialist. Our carp fishing content is a valuable resource for carp news, reviews, tips and tricks, underground and secret tactics, and interesting product reviews and latest carp rigs and bait advice that actually does help you catch more and bigger carp.

To be successful in fishing for carp you must first try and put yourself in the place of a carp and see a few things from their perspective, this way you will understand the failings of many average carp anglers. A carp is much like a dog and it develops senses in relation to caution and danger over time and you will find evidence that on highly fished lakes and certain carp fishing swims that carp will not feed because of previous experiences with being caught using normal carp anglers techniques in baiting and rigs, also noise from radios or TV’s can put them off feeding and therefore they become almost impossible to catch.

With the above in mind it is therefore important that in harder fisheries and hard fished waters or swims that we understand the reasons for carp not feeding and we develop a solid fishing for carp strategy that will help us catch the carp whilst others are not – I find it quite funny when every other carp angler is just having to watch me reel in big carp catches when they just blank. Our website helps you build a solid reliable and successful strategy to catching carp time after time.

We can avoid many of the basic pitfalls of the average carp angler with simple but proven carp fishing techniques that will leave most carp anglers dumbfounded.

However, if you take the time to understand how carp will react to their environments you can utilise the problems faced by most to use it very much to your own advantage. We will show you how easy and quickly you can learn and develop advanced carp catching skills that leave average carp anglers just simply amazed the difference will be that you master good fishing for carp techniques and methods that help you catch specimen carp up to 60lbs with big carp catches.

The fishing for carp website covers a number of beginners to advanced topics and just a few are mentioned below.

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Homemade Carp Groundbait + Carp Fishing Question?

Tom asked:

Hi, I am fishing for carp using a method feeder. In the feeder I usually put my pellets with some groundbait to hold them in. Then I squeeze as many maggots as I can onto my hook (size 16 I think). I have caught quite a few carp (each 1-2lbs) by doing this but I would like to know how to make my own groundbait that will attract the bigger carp (5/6 lbs or more). I would need this to be quite simple but effective. Also is there any other way that I can catch bigger carp?

Thanks Tom 🙂

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