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Carp Fishing Bait Expert Tips For Outstanding Big Fish Success!

Carp Fishing Bait Expert Tips For Outstanding Big Fish Success!

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Home Page > Sports and Fitness > Fishing > Carp Fishing Bait Expert Tips For Outstanding Big Fish Success!

Carp Fishing Bait Expert Tips For Outstanding Big Fish Success!

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Posted: Aug 13, 2010 |Comments: 0

Do you think it is all too easy to just choose a fishing venue, buy some bait, cast out and expect to catch the fish of your dreams; and then wonder what went wrong on your dream holiday? Here are some very practical ways to make your dream holiday and holiday baits work big-time for maximum big fish success. Why waste your time hoping when you can genuinely create your own guaranteed success? Read on now!

I have fished enough decades now to know that success is not just in having a bit of luck but in the planning ahead! Not so many anglers seem to want to really put the effort in to actually create their pretty much guaranteed success on a level far beyond the average; but that is often the vast difference between average anglers and those who seem to have golden balls right!

The fact is that most of the best are living breathing dreaming and walking driving working their fishing with it on their mind all the time, no matter what else they might happen to be doing! With that kind of intensity of focus on your goal there really is only one outcome possible and that is outstanding success! Here is just one example from one of my trips abroad.

I booked up to go to a lake where at the time the biggest fish in the world had recently been banked. So all I did was find out where the biggest fish lay up after capture- which happened to be the most unpopular swim on the lack obviously, as most fish there are just too stressed to want to feed on baits very willingly anyway, and then I fished the spots most likely to be visited by that target fish. I fished my lines at totally different angles to those the majority of anglers would use, and used baits that no anglers had ever used on that water.

These baits were homemade and of my own design. I think bait is so vital in success yet relatively few anglers on the bank even know how and why they work in various levels on fish senses and internally. But knowing this kind of knowledge puts you leagues ahead of guys who simply are ignorant and cannot leverage the power of this; it is a massive competitive edge that will lead to you out-fishing more talented and more skilled and more experienced better connected anglers!

Being able to design your own unique baits and having the bigger picture about baits and how they work and can be created to work in all kinds of very unique ways really means that even if you choose to use readymade baits of any form, that you will be able to improve them, adapt them and apply them in ways that mean maximised effects on fish – and achieve success far beyond average anglers using baits in dips or straight from the bag! You see can use the popular baits that appears to be dominating a water yet still be out-fished by the guy who fishes a completely new bait that the fish have never ever experienced before!

It took 9 days to hook that big fish but wow was it worth the wait. That fish was the one I had most wanted and to hook it and then see it up close was simply mind blowing! That fish gave me the pulling me off my feet fight experience of a lifetime! But the fact is I would never have hooked that fish unless it had felt safe enough to feed on my baits. How I applied my free bait and what I actually applied was extremely central to my success!

Really big fish have extraordinary requirements for factors in their diets that make them pretty vulnerable if your even exploit just one potential deficiency. But many factors can be exploited to get cautious fish to feed, that are not even directly related to dietary needs as such, but trigger feeding responses for a wide range of reasons to do with biofeedback and instinctive responses of many kinds on many levels.

For instance you might choose a totally different alternatively-based bait that contains a seriously refined banana oil very rich in potassium. You might choose to use a base mix very high in pure resveterol, or use a new or different form of prebiotic or choose a new alternative form of probiotic so your baits really packs a punch!

Simply combining a more familiar flavour with liquid lecithin and a combination of essential oils, or just a more newly available terpenoid or an alternative oleoresin can be a truly great edge! Even using a bulk concentrated flavour which has been prepared in a lower concentrated form that is normal, and including 5 times the normal dose can be extremely effective. As a side note here, most anglers seriously under-dose when using many of the better-known essential oils. You can go much higher by including liquid lecithin for example from CW Baits. Just one alternative ingredients or combinations of unusual ingredients make such a difference! Certain products are very rich in lycopene, or beta-carotene for example!

Just one single alternative edge might well be all the edge you need apart from presenting your baits as unheated paste or just scalded baits, maybe used as tiny pop-up and balanced baits on multiple hairs instead of big 15 or 18 millimetre diameter balls, cylinders, pellets or other more usual shapes.

Big very wary fish have a rather skilled habit of selectively avoiding baits of sizes and movements and other characteristics and properties that have hooked them before. That is why you are far more likely to catch the fish of your dreams using alternative recipes. For example on a couple of small liquidised mussel and water snail paste baits bound with various nutritionally-stimulating binders, boosted with natural extracts and with additional koi pond clay as an alternative nutritional source for example, and simply moulded into rough squares of 10 millimetre diameter, instead of conventional round or pellet shaped boilies of larger sizes.

Being different is the way to catch the big wary fish. It is the greatest edge in fishing of all kinds and yet most anglers are not fishing much different to their fishing neighbour! It takes the right knowledge to be able to leverage the right kinds of being different, especially when it comes to baits and bait applications and readymade and homemade bait adaptations and designs and so on, but they will make a massive difference to your success, especially against better anglers or even against anglers with more time and resources than your have.

It is not just what you know, but in knowing how to best use knowledge to maximise and even to create great fish-catching opportunities, that the average angler is ignorant of! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson
About the Author:

Now why not seize this moment to improve your catches for life with these unique fishing bibles: “BIG CARP FLAVOURS FEEDING TRIGGERS AND CARP SENSES EXPLOITATION SECRETS!” “BIG CARP AND CATFISH BAIT SECRETS!” And “BIG CARP BAIT SECRETS!” For these and much more now visit:


The home of the world-wide proven homemade bait making and readymade bait success secrets bibles and more unique free bait secrets articles by Tim Richardson!

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Homemade Carp Fishing Bait Recipes Using Pineapple Flavours And Readymade Boilies!

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Tim Richardsonl

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Now why not seize this moment to improve your catches for life with these unique fishing bibles: “BIG CARP FLAVOURS FEEDING TRIGGERS AND CARP SENSES EXPLOITATION SECRETS!” “BIG CARP AND CATFISH BAIT SECRETS!” And “BIG CARP BAIT SECRETS!” For these and much more now visit:


The home of the world-wide proven homemade bait making and readymade bait success secrets bibles and more unique free bait secrets articles by Tim Richardson!

Making -using Sausage Meat for Big Fish!

Sausage meat is now part of carp and cat fishing history having proven its worth as a very effective cheap bait ingredient for small and big fish (many thousands of times, and for decades.) But how do you make effective baits and ground baits using it? Let’s see a few very proven big fish suggestions right now…The first ideal part about sausage meat is how cheap and easily available it is. It comes in various forms and grades and as usual it is best to get the freshest product possible. This kind of meat is just not fashionable today which means right now is a perfect time to be exploiting it! The second is it very simple and easy to use and you can either mince it up or use the minced product for more details you can login to www.newbies-guide-to-making-software.com The nutritional value of pork sausage meat is very stimulatory to both carp and catfish and has a fair proportion of those important fish stimulators; amino acids and oils. Pork sausage meat is often made with bread crumbs and it is very simple to make bait by simply mixing it with eggs and very cheap wheat flour to help bind it up into a dough. How to make one of the cheapest protein based baits: For example, using half a pound of minced sausage meat, mix it in a bowl with about 3 large hens eggs and 2 table spoons of ordinary cheap wheat flour (or more if required) and kneed this into a stiff pliable dough. 

This can be used as fishing bait immediately as paste or you can bag it up in bags with a tie to make the bag air tight and store in the fridge or freeze it for use next session. This bait is pretty much instant on most carp and catfish waters and although very basic and simple will produce lots of fish. Like the majority of carp and catfish baits, the best way to start fishing with it is to feed perhaps 2 to 6 pounds of it into your swim in advance. (This is certainly not absolutely necessary however!) For instance, over a period of 3 days prior to fishing, start introducing paste pieces about an inch in diameter just by pulling them off your balls of dough you have made. The effect of pre-baiting is that the fish will be far more prepared to eat your bait with even more enthusiasm when you start actually fishing; so hold onto your rod! Sausage meat in this form makes fantastic ground baits too. Fishing paste balls has always been extremely effective, but these days you might prefer to make your baits more resilient to smaller fish so they are still intact when the big ones arrive! All you need to do is make your baits about an inch in size and they don’t need to be perfectly round either; in fact the more different to commercially produced machine rolled baits the better the effect! 

Just put on a pan of boiling water (half-filled) and get some absorbent paper towels or convenient towels flat and ready to receive your boiled baits to dry upon. Just add about a handful of baits at a time and keep the water boiling at all times. Boil your baits for anything from a minute to 5 minutes; the longer boiling makes them harder, but this loses more attraction in the process. To help attraction there are so many choices to add to your bait, or just to keep results coming or go to www.instant-software-products.com For instance you could add sea salt at about a heaped teaspoon per 2 eggs worth of bait mixed, or add curry powder at a heaped teaspoonful per egg used in the mix or more depending on the form of curry powder used. You might just add a teaspoon of black pepper powder per egg used. Other examples of well proven kitchen favorites are yeast extract products like Marmite or vegemite; add at a heaped tablespoon per egg, or even Parmesan or blue cheese. The fact is that there are thousands of additives, liquids, flavors and some very refined and advanced bait ingredients and extracts you could use. 

http://www.newbies-guide-to-making-software.com http://www.instant-software-products.com

Article writer

Homemade Carp Bait Recipes To Sky Rocket Your Fishing Success!


Think about it – the basic idea of providing wary carp with a new bait to stay ahead of their natural cautions is well proven but the ways to do it have not changed drastically over the decades. But here are innovative solutions that your carp will not have experienced before!

Many anglers use 2 different baits on a hair rig and mostly this is using a buoyant pop-up bait plus a sinking bait to balance it and negate the hook weight (this makes it more difficult for wary fish to detect your hook.) Maybe you have done very well as I have by using 2 or 3 different types of pop-up and sinking baits on single or multiple hair rigs!

Since the early eighties I have really liked using multiple baits but on more than one hair and this idea is becoming fashionable right now – but there are endless variations that would amaze you! The advantage many forms of multiple-hair types of rigs compared to many more standard hair rigs is that you can get your hook inside the mouth of the fish before it even realises it has a hook attached to baits because the hook is that much further in front of the baits – so goes into the mouth before the bait!

Most anglers are fishing with baits fairly tightly next to the hook or fishing baits that get sucked in followed by a hook behind. In both these situations wary carp can either hold baits in their lips and play with a rig to feel for a hook or take the bait in but reject it when they sense the hook for any reason.

Looking at the bigger picture, if you put a thousand anglers on a set of pressured carp lakes and do not even let them use hair rigs of any kind then carp will get caught. But if you say to them you are not allowed to use any currently fashionable or conventional rig at all but must invent your own new versions that may or may not have multiple hairs or multiple baits of literally any kind, then actually catches will improve massively because they fish will not know what has hit them!

The recipe for success is simply to by-pass any reference points that carp have come to associate with danger and in this case with hooks and conventional or standard baits and rig set-ups – so be different and reap the inevitable rewards! Personally whatever is fashionable in the magazines are things I would avoid or simply adapt in my own way so I am not replicating what thousands of my fellow anglers will be doing next weekend!

The fact is that most readymade boilies or pellets have very similar shapes whether round, barrel or pellet-shaped. When you fully appreciate that fish are practicing 24 hours a day at detecting hook baits shaped like this and you actually see the behaviours and feeding motions carp use to avoid getting hooked it basically makes you see how vital is to be different in order to not let carp use their tricks so easily. For instance, on so many so-called anti-eject rigs carp can be seen to actually pick a bait up, sit upright slowly, or spin, shake or do other tricks like lift up the rig or lead with a fin, then up-end and dump the hook and bait back down again. This kind of thing goes on all the time with heavy leads and semi-fixed rigs for instance.

I have never yet found a chemically sharpened hook as effective as a manually honed hook. The first 4 millimetres of a hook are the most important. The angle of the bend and shank and gap of the hook which is the distance between the hook shank and the hook point in effect both make a massive difference in your hooking ration both neither of these are important if your hook penetrates so far but then can be shaken loose – and all non-manually sharpened hooks have this problem.

In 10 years of tests using all kinds of new and old favourite chemically sharpened hooks patterns non has converted as effectively as hooks that have been manually sharpened. It amazes me how many well-known anglers still persist in using chemically-sharpened hooks with a short hook point – for me such hooks are completely useless whether they are specially-angled, have a long curved shank, an in-turned eye, micro-barb or wide gap or whatever.

The best guarantee to initially deep hooking wary fish upon very first contact with a fish is to choose hooks with a longer point that is as thin and as sharp as is possible and I have yet to find any pattern whatever that beats the effectiveness of exceptionally sharp manually honed hooks sharp well beyond their chemically sharpened state in the packet!

My conclusions after years of testing hooks against this manual method is that you might as well put on a rig without a hook on and let every fish pick up your bait then drop it and get away without giving you any indication at all. I know without any doubt whatsoever that so many anglers are missing out on fish due their hooks not being maximised that simply no-one would believe the numbers!

I might be going into areas beyond what so anglers might like to think about but I find that removing the coating from hooks also produces more fish. In part this probably means they do not reflect light under water so well – very few hooks do not reflect light very obviously no matter what colour their coating is. It is very likely also that as hooks with no coating actively rust under water this may actually be attractive or stimulatory to carp in some way and this treatment may also have impacts regarding the electrical field formed around rig swivels and hooks and leads etc that carp can detect – mineral rich natural water is an electrolyte after all!

Most anglers do not appear to fully appreciate that the modern style of sitting behind an array of rods waiting for a run or a few bleeps on alarms requires that a rig actually penetrates and self-hooks fish to the degree that the hook really does penetrate enough into flesh so it stays put long enough for either the fish to decide to move off and give you a run, or for you to strike at a bleep or 2 on your alarms (if you happen to be a sharper carper that is!)

Of all the things I spend time doing in connection with fishing I spend the most time on hook sharpening because after all the efforts involved in making sure everything else is as refined as possible the last 4 millimetres of hook point are ultimately the thing that decides just how many times you will actually properly hook the kinds of oldest biggest wariest of fish that are most skilled at shaking and slipping hooks out after making mistakes on hook baits! (Was that single bleep you had during that last feeding spell yet another lost fish you will never know had picked up your bait but got away with it?!)

More and more often on carp waters today the fish are getting increasingly larger numbers of anglers fishing for them more and more regularly. It is obvious that the result of this is that fish are getting more and more practice at avoiding hooks and slipping hooks – even when initially getting partially hooked.

Wary fish learn by simple association and with most magazine writers using plastic coated rigs or types of stiffer hook-links in short lengths of maybe 4 to 8 inches (and encouraging readers to copy them,) carp very soon learn how to get off such rigs when used so much even though it will appear that such rigs are very effective because a certain percentage of fish still move off and deepen the hook penetration for so fish get caught.

It is a fact that certain fish a far more adept at actually getting off hooks (when initially hooked) compared to other fish – and that some fish are far less skilled. Compared to other fish often the downfall of so-called mug fish is that they just are not as skilled at shaking or twisting off hooks when initially hooked unlike other fish and so they get landed far more frequently than lesser-caught big fish!

Some of the so-called big mug fish in carp waters may have unique genetically related nutritional deficiencies and unique eating requirements or sensitivities to certain substances (or have certain taste specifics.) They may very likely have angler-caused diseases such as vitamin E deficiency caused by consuming large quantities of high oil pellets that anglers today seem addicted to using as free offerings in huge volumes without thinking of the consequences on carp health!

Few anglers actually stop to think to add up the actual volume of high oil pellets and boilies that enter the food chain where numbers of anglers constantly introduce bait on pressured fisheries!

Sure some big fish are far more naturally feeding type fish but all this shows how each and every fish is an individual and treating them as such will definitely help you catch those big wary fish! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information – look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

Now why not seize this moment to improve your catches for life with these unique fishing bibles: “BIG CARP FLAVOURS FEEDING TRIGGERS AND CARP SENSES EXPLOITATION SECRETS!” “BIG CARP AND CATFISH BAIT SECRETS!” And “BIG CARP BAIT SECRETS!” For these and much more now visit:


The home of the world-wide proven homemade bait making and readymade bait success secrets bibles and more unique free bait secrets articles by Tim Richardson!

Carp Fishing Bait Recipes And Secrets To Drastically Improve Your Readymade Baits!

Think about it – how many times do you read a fishing magazine only to be pounded with yet more biased nonsense about such and such a bait and method the masses are using?! Here are some unbiased tips that do not promote any company that are highly innovative, extremely well proven for big fish – but will be new to your carp! Read on to multiply your big fish catches right now!

If you use readymade boilies, pellets and pastes it is more than likely your carp will have been practicing avoiding these very recognisable baits for years – if not decades. Despite claims of many bait companies a vast number of baits work to a great degree against your optimal success purely because they are so very recognisable as a potential threat.

Carp associate danger or potential threats using all kinds of cures. These may be the chemicals issuing from a boilie, or the over-used components of many pellets for instance. Carp soon learn by association what foods have potential for danger – and develop behaviours to avoid getting hooked. Some carp have the capacity for doing this far more than others because no carp is identical to another in terms of individual experience combined with genetic needs and preferences for example when detecting potential food substances.

But why keep on flogging baits that are far less effective than others? After all if you know that readymade boilies have standard characteristics such as their shape, firmness and resilience and kinds of predictable movements in water in water it would be stupid to pretend that such baits are the peak of efficient objects to catch carp! What about the fact that far too many ready made baits contain exactly the same standard binders and protein ingredients – all of which act as potential signals of danger?

Think about it – when soluble substances are soon washed out of such baits they pretty much will taste and smell the same; and so offer the same old nutritional reasons for carp to eat them. But these reasons may well be as good as useless because so many baits like this are used all the time anyway and so carp will have drastically less need of such nutrients – especially as heavy baiting leads to higher levels of natural food availability in very many carp waters! Why not think like a carp and use something different to really boost your catch rate instead

Rod Hutchinson did not get into using so-called particle baits just for the fun of it. He found that on very rich waters fish were feeding in different modes and behaved in often quite different fashions to how most carp feed in well-stocked lower water quality waters. In very rich waters the old standard high protein boilie approach can easily be out-fished by using baits that replicate the items that carp browse on naturally on their travels. It is very noticeable from my ebooks reader feedback that using pastes to initially get fish onto a new bait is massively more successful – and very fast acting, compared to using boilies.

It is an excellent idea to make up ground bait based on your intended boilie base mix ingredients or ready made base mix powders mixture. I prefer to make my own because I can make them far more potent – at much less cost than it would be to buy base mixes. I have yet to find a boilie base mix that cannot be made far more potent – after all these are commercial compromises that have been produced to make money.

Such ready made baits potential for triggering feeding can always be more fully maximised in a very wide range of ways. You might think of flavours or dips or palatants for instance but you can exploit an incredible variety of properties, physiological impacts and even the ways baits and bait substances ionise the water, drop or raise water pH, or pump out even more soluble substances via diffusion and various simultaneous chemical reactions taking place.

You might make your homemade readymade base mixes far more potent than the standard baits. One you get the know-how you can harness the massive fish-catching benefits of making your readymade base mixes extremely potent. They can be made to be naturally highly bioactive in endless ways. You can make them enzyme-active and pre-digested in a vast number of ways too. These things are not secrets – they are readily available for anyone to discover right now but I have done my homework – to help you!

You can improve your baits by making them far more beneficial to fish by improving their prebiotic and probiotic impacts on fish too but these things among many others are just the tips of the ice-berg of what is potentially possible to do to improve your catches right now – and more and more ways and means are being discovered all the time increment by increment. All it takes for you to improve your catches is the desire to improve your catches – to resist group mentality (of most magazine readers for instance) and think more like a fish – like an individual and not like a fashion-following angler chained-up by a limiting conventional stereotypical mindset conditioned by popular thought!

It astounds me just how far behind most carp anglers on the bank really are when it comes to discussing details of their baits and how to truly maximise their baits impacts on fish. Just soaking or dipping or glugging baits is about as far as it gets from maximising baits because you need to really harness the basic ways substances behave in the water and how fish sense changes in the water. Anyone can discover these things.

It is far from true that everything is known about carp baits. To say that there is nothing new in carp baits is obviously completely ignorant and downright misleading! The leading fish scientists in the world have not even discovered all there is to know about very major aspects of how fish detect various vitally important substances and water changes – so it is totally ignorant and very arrogant of someone to bluntly state that everything about carp baits is already known!

This is quite apart from the fact that carp, like us humans are constantly evolving beings, whose DNA changes not just from one generation to another but actually within individuals while they are growing and maturing. Just ask yourself for example why it is that we can adapt our palate, improve our eyesight, re-sensitise our nose and tongue to a whole new range of substances – and how this can alter our preferences and behaviours.

This kind of thing is a major cornerstone of the profitability of the food industry and their tricks to make you buy more food by genetically altering our senses by keeping us ignorant to the impacts of all kinds of substances and their effects. Countless food products contain added substances that will genetically alter your and your preferences in various ways.

Part of the obesity and diabetes epidemics are related to vast volumes of refined sugar added to foods and drink that effectively make them more palatable and habit-forming – but the more you eat the higher the risk of diabetes for instance. I had a curry the other night and it contained an added 5 grams of sugar.

Added to all the other subtly added sugar in other foods my sugar intake is far higher than is healthy yet all this is just so food companies make fat profits – literally! Through my knowledge of carp bait substances I can use various foods to multiply my metabolism and maintain a healthy level of metabolism-boosting type of muscle I can burn off far more sugar than most people normally would. By comparison my brother is the same height as me but is 5 stones heavier than my 12 stone bodyweight.

The link between substances exploited by the food industry and ill-health is just not well known enough to be front page news as much as I would like to see, but some aspects of food industry practices to make us eat more of particular foods can be applied when putting together baits of many formats that have proven to catch more carp!

Watch out for food labelling – for instance in many health food products that are stated as being all natural there is a very high level of refined sugar added. More often than not, lactose, glucose, fructose and other additives are included – all called natural but with very big impacts on senses and on actually genetically altering taste specific preferences related to your human food buying behaviours!

Beware if you are on a diet and trying to wean yourself off crisps. For example some low fat crisps contain much more salt or contain the toxin MSG (it over-hydrates brain cells making them explode – causing minor but progressive bleeding on the brain – yet another food industry cover-up! I do not recommend it to be used in any food. Natural form glutamate found in protein-rich foods does not have ill effects! I recommend using things like L030, pre-digested fish protein, fermented shrimp and other natural glutamate-rich substances instead to enhance your baits if you truly care about your carp health!

I tried buying lower fat crisps only to discover that not only did they have a higher than normal level of salt – they also contained dextrose! You might learn what you like from this but do keep your bait head in gear because it is very important in its implications! You might think that carp syrups are new but nothing could be farther from the truth – honey is the most well-known carp attractor on record throughout history!

If you are still in doubt about the fact that you can make your carp baits alter carp and their preferences genetically, consider how the average height of humans in the western world has risen dramatically over the past 50 years.

In the same way a myriad of nutritional and other factors are growing carp to sizes that UK anglers who began carp fishing in the seventies or earlier never dreamt was ever possible! The average size of carp in most waters in the UK during the seventies was somewhere between single and double figures, yet in some UK waters today the average can be as much as 35 pounds or more – yet in the seventies and eighties, to catch even one carp well over thirty pounds was nationally significantly newsworthy! Today more and more forty pound carp are being caught – yet most anglers forget that very many of these were the double figure so-called pasty or noddie fish that no-one took any notice of during the eighties!

In fact it is my certain belief that we humans have in the past been taller than we are today – by quite a margin. But the genetic evidence for this has been covered up because to conventional science this fact cannot yet be explained. Just one aspect of this is plain to see – at times in the past the atmosphere has been more beneficial to growth in all creatures.

At various epochs in history competition among humans or between humans and other animals has been less important so capacity for growth has been different. Many factors come into why growth rates of animals can alter up or down through time but it is a fact that burial sites of races of humans such as indigenous Indians have been found with skeletons well over 7 feet tall; some races much taller still.

We take for granted that some African races are particularly tall, yet low ceilings and 5 feet high doorways of many medieval buildings in the UK for instance show that humans have certainly changed up and down in size over periods of time for a wide range of combined reasons. Ultimately all this change shows up in the genetic record and the fact is that carp are dynamically changing genetically even through their lifetimes in response to factors such as the food substances they consume!

We can harness this power yet most anglers seem to be completely oblivious to the potential impacts upon catches this really truly has!

I could list very many substances I can guarantee are never used in commercial carp baits and probably never will be either but this does not stop individuals like you and me exploiting substances that have the kinds of impacts on carp that literally drug them. I could put together a number of carp bait recipes that you could easily say are simply a list of substances with actual drug or drug-related impacts on fish.

Think about it – we are what we eat right? OK so consider this; not all the substances in foods get excreted or detoxified from our cells and tissues whether they are bad or good for us; this is the same for carp. The body is an incredible storage vehicle but it really is what it is made of. Over time the impacts of consuming certain substances will build-up – for instance the positive antioxidant impacts of carp consuming a higher than normal consumption of carotenes and carotenoids.

A range of potent naturally derived pigments are well known to be beneficial to carp in both the short and longer term. Consider those in sweetcorn, maize and eggs, or shrimps or spices for instance! Such impacts can induce changes in specific carp sensitivities that make them alter their behaviours so that when regularly introduced substances within baits change carp feeding behaviours in your unique favour. This principle has been proven again and again for particular bait substances and combinations over the years but the list is growing as more substances are being utilised by creative forward-thinking individuals – like you perhaps!

You might think that hemp is a prime example of a classical carp bait and it is true it has many potent characteristics and nutritional and bioactive features etc that influence carp feeding and associated carp behaviours. But the active compounds that are presently known on hemp seed can be found in different strengths in other natural products if you bother to look!

The same is true of many forms of compounds found in herbs and spices. Chilli is a very fashionable word in carp fishing right now but the variety of active compounds associated with many forms of hot spicy compound-containing plants is huge and impact on carp in many ways that make them easier to catch including stimulating increased protein-feeding for example.

One major point of make about certain bait substances and ignorance of them on the bank is that some can prevent other baits from catching fish. This is no joke because once this effect is witnessed – and you are the one who knows which substances and effects on carp have produced this highly advantageous effect your will never think about carp baits in the same way again! Revealed in my unique readymade and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information – look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now

By Tim Richardson.

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New Homemade Carp Fishing Bait Recipes To Beat Readymade Baits!

Countless anglers want to catch new personal best carp, catfish and barbel using homemade baits. Looking at recent carp magazines and papers you might get the impression that a revolutionary wave of new baits has arrived – but homemade bait makers have been making these forms of baits for decades! So read on, develop your own homemade edges and catch loads more big fish now!

Bait companies market baits very cleverly and often make them appear to be the very latest new thing without this being the case at all! For example, recently a Japanese-designed form of readymade boilie made without additional concentrated flavours so common in such baits has been claimed to be unique. But numerous anglers have been making homemade baits for decades using zero added flavours while exploiting and natural extracts such as marine ones to enhance the impacts of baits both nutritionally and in terms of bait attraction and performance over all. This has included different forms of seaweed products and protein-rich marine products such abalone powder for instance.

Another so-called new innovation is readymade baits that dissolve quickly in your swim so attracting carp without filling them up; but such baits have by definition been the most frequently made homemade baits for a massive range of fish species for centuries – if not millennia! Fibrous pastes that hold together so you can put them on your hook or rig and know they will be resilient are nothing new either. Just one Western prime example is the old medieval Isaac Walton recipe that includes using cotton wool incorporated into sweetened, preserved high protein homemade paste!

So pellet and bait syrups are new things right? Even before the seventies anglers with an ounce of curiosity about experimenting with bait substances have soaked or dipped baits in a massive range of attractive and stimulating materials and liquids. Refiners syrup (Tate and Lyles Golden Syrup) and their liquorice-tasting black syrup have been used in homemade baits in many ways for decades. Even in the late seventies when everyone made their own baits because they had no other option many baits were dipped, glugged, soaked or boosted in some way to improve results.

A very simple example was the instant method of producing extra-stimulating trout pellets. These were coated in flavours, marine extracts, liquid yeast, syrups or liquid sugars and intense sweeteners, essential oils, marine and nut and seed oils, molasses, liquid proteins foods such as Minamino etc decades before such baits became popular as readymade baits in the angling press.

Easily digestible pre-digested boilies suitable for all year round use (even in the lowest temperatures) have been used for decades – well before readymade baits of this type appeared on bait shop shelves or in glossy magazine adverts. In fact when you think about it, the massive majority of commercial bait company bosses of today started out making homemade baits in their kitchens or in their garden sheds and of course many still do although their shed may be much bigger!

Chilli baits and other forms of spicy baits are really old; these go way back in time beyond the days of soaking luncheon meat in curry powder or incorporating spices in special baits in the seventies for instance.

Flavouring fake baits such as foam has been going on since decades ago – I was doing this at the start of the eighties for surface fishing. It also improved results using dog biscuits off the bottom. Spraying maggots with flavours, enhancers, liquid foods etc is old as the hills only liquid foods is a trendy term today – I bet Isaac Walton did not call his high protein rabbit meat baits food baits but they were of course! For me personally, when fake corn appeared flavouring these and other fake baits was second-nature because I had been flavouring foam with all kinds of things since the seventies when it was very useful in stopping soft meat baits from falling off my rig.

In the days before carp fishing became so commercialised you often had to source and design much of your equipment including adapting or making rods, landing nets, bank sticks, indicators, bivvies, homemade foam-padded sun lounger bed chairs and so on. For my early carp fishing rigs before pop-up boilies were used by the masses, I used homemade floater cake propped up for the long term by highly buoyant rubber foam from my dads printing plates – often coated in attractive solvents from the printing trade I might add!

Incidentally I am one of those anglers who cares not for fashions – instead of wafters and expensive tiny pots of pop-up baits a very effective answer to create balanced or trendy in – word wafting presentations is the use of a cut-down piece of liquid food and flavour-soaked rig foam. Rig foam works when flavoured or not but I find it far more effective when it has some residual food or attractor whether this is natural esters or liquid marine extracts etc. Pre-soaked foam used on your hair or hook itself is ideal to for getting loads more bites when using pre-soaked pellets and luncheon meat and prevents soft baits getting pulled off too!

You might think that the concept of using prepared particles that contain a combination of 2 or more types of particle baits such as hemp and sweetcorn is a new thing. But going back decades ago, any general coarse angler who aimed for carp by the evening of a days fishing built up his swim using a combination of all kinds of particle type baits. This would often include any of the following and more: maggots, breadcrumbs, sweetcorn, stewed wheat, stewed pearl barley, fresh homemade pellet-based pastes, chopped worms, soil, soaked crushed egg food, desiccated coconut, peanuts, cracked corn, corn flakes, essential oil soaked luncheon meat, bird foods such as those containing molasses and insects, etc.

Also in the list was the additive Robin Red (which seemed relatively far cheaper in the old days than it is today!) In the eighties using crushed tiger nuts and various pellets soaked in tiger nut extract, powdered palatants and enhancers for example was a great edge for me.

At that time I experimented at home with a mind-blowing array of additives, liquids and associated materials. Fishing over a bed of extremely open- textured unique homemade crushed boilies at a time when most anglers slavishly stuck to a bed of round whole boilies or particles of a single type was just one edge that produced many big fish for me.

Using maggots is far from a new thing for carp. In the early eighties it was common to get great catches by fishing any kind of semi-buoyant low density bait over a bed of maggots. I remember flavouring my maggots with Scopex and Chocolate Malt and dying my maggots and sweetcorn black in the eighties – to great effect!

Liquid Robin Red is far from a new thing either. I loved using this stuff as part of my own unique homemade flavouring and liquid food combinations since the seventies. Originally I was soaking Robin Red with Minamino to try and make the Minamino flavour different when I used it in my homemade boilies, baits soaks, ground bait liquids and so on. It was a small step to heat this liquid to make it far more concentrated. I then got onto the liquid Robin Red that Rod Hutchinson supplied for a period of time – I have no idea why this product was discontinued because it was really was great stuff!

I can tell you that on many waters where the Robin Red liquid of today will be used you will soon do better by adapting it to make it unique after it has hooked enough fish and when they have inevitably become much warier of it! A simple addition of an essential oil, a new seed, an oleoresin or terpenoid type product or an extra spice and unusual sweetener for example will give it new life again – I love all this creative stuff and my bait secrets ebooks are stuffed with such detailed edges!

If you think that pineapple baits with butyric acid are new – think again; this trick was going on long before I started carp fishing in the mid-seventies and then it was used all year not just as a special winter trick. If you want some tips on making better ground baits and more effective stick mixes for instance, get to know a few guys from the States who competitively fish pay-lakes where no ground-baiting or chumming is permitted – many of these guys are real experts and some have literally multiple generations of experience in making these baits!

If you must use fresh boilies try cutting them down for hook baits so all the outer skin is taken off and so you have square baits of about 8 or 10 millimetres in diameter, then soak them in your special dip for a few hours – 3 hours to 5 hours is fine. Use a number of these on a hair with dip-soaked foam on the end of them at the bait stop to pop-up the end of the string of baits.

A tip to finish up this piece – if you want a different bait dip to almost anyone else – for your fake baits, pellets or boilies, either use the juice from ready-prepared hemp or from hemp that you have prepared for yourself. Add about 10 percent liquid inclusion of high PC liquid lecithin (which is an energy-rich feeding trigger proven by one of the more famous fish scientists by the name of Harada!) I might also suggest adding a 10 percent addition of pure triple-filtered salmon oil in your baits too – especially for warmer water baits and through into the autumn time. I get these liquid additives from Phil at Carpfishingpellets online.

Why not try soaking your boilies in this alternative combination so that your baits are fully hydrated in advance of fishing. Why not try fishing them on your rig using a trimmed disc of rig foam to stop them coming off. Put a baiting needle through your baits a few times and fish not whole baits but jagged thirds or halves cut very roughly so it seems that they have already been attacked by smaller fish – and see how the bigger wary carp respond! (For further information on making, adapting, designing and boosting your baits see my bait secrets ebooks website in my biography right now!)

By Tim Richardson.

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