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Koi Carp Ponds – Essential Guide to Getting Started Part 2

A great way to begin planning for Koi carp ponds is to view how others of have successfully designed and built their ponds. Searching online is the fastest and easiest way to get started, as there is an endless resource of photos and information to be found there. Seeing how others have done things can spark wide imagination and creative ideas into how you would like your Koi pond to look, and the potential of how it could enhance the overall impression of your garden landscape. Decorations of plans, stones, statues, wooden ornaments and fixtures can have a dramatic and pleasant impact on the dynamics of your Koi garden. However, in regard to including any plants in your pond, be sure to take into consideration that Koi will eat certain plants as well as dig into the soil, which could lead to a potential messing of the pond water thus leading to more frequent cleaning and maintenance. There are plants that are suited well for Koi carp ponds, and covering the plant soil with stones or large gravel can alleviate much of this potential problem. Another great way to include plants in your pond development and keep them safe from your Koi is to put them in a floating island pond planter. Floating islands are great for decorating your Koi pond with beautiful plant life while at the same time providing needed shade and protection from predators for your Koi fish. Again, professional advice is golden.

When seeking the help of an expert, it is wise to do your research first. Get an understanding of the specific questions you should be asking as well as a general sense of the answers you should be getting. Talk to several specialists as apposed to only one or two. Visit your local pet stores to gain knowledge on Koi keeping, Koi supplies and pond equipment, along with construction and maintenance of Koi carp ponds. Get yourself familiar with why you need a Koi pond filter, a Koi pond pump and maybe an aerating device, and how these vital necessities work together to provide a natural, stable Koi fish environment while supplying healthy clean water for your Koi to live and thrive. Develop an awareness of the consistent routine work of Koi keeping and pond maintenance, including water pH level testing, pond and filter cleaning, Koi feeding and inspection of any parasites or diseases, along with any general garden maintenance such as weeding and algae removal.

Protection from predators is a factor to take into consideration at the planning stage of Koi carp ponds. Koi supplies such as overhangs or pond net covers could prove invaluable in keeping your Koi fish safe from other hungry animals. Also, ensuring that the pond water has enough depth for the Koi to submerge out of sight from predators, as well as shading themselves from direct sunlight when needed, is a necessary element in the planning of your Koi pond.

Budgeting for the costs of running and maintaining your pond should be well thought out before hand. Shop around by researching online, as well as visiting your local pet stores, for prices on all things necessary and get a clear idea of what Koi carp ponds entail in regards to buying Koi fish, Koi food, pond cleaning supplies, water testing and treatment supplies, pond filter media, the potential energy costs of running pond filters, pond pumps, fountains and waterfalls, along with the construction materials and tools required to do the job properly. Making a concise list sorted into categories with sub totals of each will allow you to develop a clearer idea of potential monthly and yearly running costs.

Get your FREE 10 day Koi Carp Fish Care mini course, today. Michael C. Harris is a Koi fish specialist. Get more great tips on Koi carp ponds today. His successful Koi care secrets e-Book “Koi Fish School”, is an inspiring guide of easy follow techniques for every Koi fish enthusiast.

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Koi Carp Ponds – Essential Guide to Getting Started Part 1

Koi carp ponds are a combination of creativity and artistic design supported by engineering and mechanics, all to produce as natural of an environment as possible for your Koi fish. Part of the creative side in designing a Koi pond is figuring out how it will enhance the beauty and serenity of your garden. Water is an element of calm and peace, and Koi fish are believed to be a symbol of good fortune. So with these ideas in mind, one could start from there as to how the overall feel of the garden and Koi pond will develop. Or perhaps just the simple desire to add dynamics and life to your garden is inspiration enough to want to have these delightful fish as part of your garden paradise.

Koi carp ponds around the world have brought joy and happiness to many people throughout the centuries. And many of these have expressed their own personalities in the design and creation of their Koi ponds. So why not introduce a bit of your own eloquence into the makeup of your Koi pond, as Koi fish themselves tend to exhibit individual personalities of their own. Developing a Koi pond is a wondrous opportunity to ad ones own influence of self-expression to the landscape.

Safety should be a number one factor in planning your Koi pond, especially if you have small children. Consider the fact that even the shallowest of water can pose a serious threat to small children.

The mechanics of a Koi pond are fairly straight forward, however, it is recommended that you seek professional advice on construction layouts, drainage systems, pond liners, electrical supply for Koi pond pumps, Koi filters and any pond fixtures, such as waterfalls or fountains, to be installed. The artistic side of building Koi carp ponds requires a recipe of ingredients including innovation, creative research, imagination and the determination to achieve your desired goal, just to name a few. Through creative design and mechanical engineering, it is possible to fashion a Koi garden pond that is stunning to behold as well as being easier to maintain. You must keep in mind that a Koi carp pond requires regular cleaning and maintenance, as do the Koi pond filter, the Koi pond pump and all other water circulating and aerating fixtures to be built-in.

Planning and development of Koi carp ponds requires attention to detail right from the start. Patience is most definitely a virtue here, as missing elements in the design and construction phase could cost dearly to correct later on. Failing to plan is a plan to fail. After all, your Koi pond should be taken as a fixture to be around for years to come. Keeping in mind that Koi fish can grow exceptionally large at a relatively fast rate depending on the frequency of feeding and the amount of space provided. With this understanding of Koi carp ponds, you must have an idea of how many fish you will be starting with and consider any plans to add new Koi fish at a later date in time.

Get your FREE 10 day Koi Carp Fish Care mini course, today. Michael C. Harris is a Koi fish specialist. Get more great tips on Koi carp ponds today. His successful Koi care secrets e-Book “Koi Fish School”, is an inspiring guide of easy follow techniques for every Koi fish enthusiast.

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    A Beginners Guide on Essential Carp Fishing Equipment

    If you\’re a beginning carp angler, this guide is for you. Here, you\’ll see what carp fishing equipment you\’ll need before you get started. You can choose to start out with a single rod kit (using the stalking method) or you could use a 2-rod or 3- rod static system; the 2 or 3 static rod system is the more popular of the two, but the choice is yours to make.

    Carp Rods Beginning carp anglers usually don\’t want to deal with carp rods which require making long-distance casts. You\’ll probably do better with one of the all-through action carp rods that you can buy. A 12\’ rod is a good choice for a beginner. It\’s easy to find a wide range of beginner rods online, but you can also find them in a lot of tackle shops.

    Carp Reel For carp fishing, a baitrunner reel works best; these reels let the carp run out the line once they grab the bait, preventing your rod from being pulled into the water when the carp try taking off with the bait. These reels also have the advantage of being easy for beginning carp anglers to handle.

    Audible Bite Alarm This handy piece of equipment lets you know when you\’ve got a bite with a visual signal and an audible alert. Look for one which offers adjustable volume.

    Rod Banksticks Your carp rods will need support, so you\’ll need to find some rod banksticks. Look around for the stainless steel screw-in type, because they\’re easier to get into dry or hard ground. It\’s best to avoid using aluminum rod banksticks because they\’re nowhere near as strong, sometimes bending when you work them in.

    Line and Carp Rigs A 12 lb-test fishing line is probably the best line for beginners to start with. A wide variety of different types of hooks exist, and which one will be best for you depends on your rig. You can choose from the prefabricated carp rigs that you can buy, or you can make your own fishing rig.

    Landing Nets and Unhooking Mats Landing nets can help prevent damaging your fish as you haul it in. Use a net with a fine mesh because a coarser weave can damage your carp\’s scales. Removing the hooks from your catch sometimes also causes damage, but you can prevent or reduce this by using a quality unhooking mat.

    Bite Indicators A bite indicator is a great addition to any carp fishing kit; these tools can help you figure out where the fish are going and what they\’re up to.

    Carp Bait Of course, you\’ll also need some bait. Bait shops everywhere offer carp bait boilies, but you can also make your own carp bait. Just choose from one of the many successful recipes you can find online.

    P J A Allan is a keen carp angler and is keen to help beginners and experienced carp anglers. He has created a web site dedicated to carp fishing tackle, carp bait and carp fishing tips. For more tips, reviews, bargain carp tackle visit his site.

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