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Matt Hayes Carp Fishing Part 4

the fourth part to the carp fishing episodes part 5 on my account enjoy !

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Koi Carp Ponds – Essential Guide to Getting Started Part 2

A great way to begin planning for Koi carp ponds is to view how others of have successfully designed and built their ponds. Searching online is the fastest and easiest way to get started, as there is an endless resource of photos and information to be found there. Seeing how others have done things can spark wide imagination and creative ideas into how you would like your Koi pond to look, and the potential of how it could enhance the overall impression of your garden landscape. Decorations of plans, stones, statues, wooden ornaments and fixtures can have a dramatic and pleasant impact on the dynamics of your Koi garden. However, in regard to including any plants in your pond, be sure to take into consideration that Koi will eat certain plants as well as dig into the soil, which could lead to a potential messing of the pond water thus leading to more frequent cleaning and maintenance. There are plants that are suited well for Koi carp ponds, and covering the plant soil with stones or large gravel can alleviate much of this potential problem. Another great way to include plants in your pond development and keep them safe from your Koi is to put them in a floating island pond planter. Floating islands are great for decorating your Koi pond with beautiful plant life while at the same time providing needed shade and protection from predators for your Koi fish. Again, professional advice is golden.

When seeking the help of an expert, it is wise to do your research first. Get an understanding of the specific questions you should be asking as well as a general sense of the answers you should be getting. Talk to several specialists as apposed to only one or two. Visit your local pet stores to gain knowledge on Koi keeping, Koi supplies and pond equipment, along with construction and maintenance of Koi carp ponds. Get yourself familiar with why you need a Koi pond filter, a Koi pond pump and maybe an aerating device, and how these vital necessities work together to provide a natural, stable Koi fish environment while supplying healthy clean water for your Koi to live and thrive. Develop an awareness of the consistent routine work of Koi keeping and pond maintenance, including water pH level testing, pond and filter cleaning, Koi feeding and inspection of any parasites or diseases, along with any general garden maintenance such as weeding and algae removal.

Protection from predators is a factor to take into consideration at the planning stage of Koi carp ponds. Koi supplies such as overhangs or pond net covers could prove invaluable in keeping your Koi fish safe from other hungry animals. Also, ensuring that the pond water has enough depth for the Koi to submerge out of sight from predators, as well as shading themselves from direct sunlight when needed, is a necessary element in the planning of your Koi pond.

Budgeting for the costs of running and maintaining your pond should be well thought out before hand. Shop around by researching online, as well as visiting your local pet stores, for prices on all things necessary and get a clear idea of what Koi carp ponds entail in regards to buying Koi fish, Koi food, pond cleaning supplies, water testing and treatment supplies, pond filter media, the potential energy costs of running pond filters, pond pumps, fountains and waterfalls, along with the construction materials and tools required to do the job properly. Making a concise list sorted into categories with sub totals of each will allow you to develop a clearer idea of potential monthly and yearly running costs.

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Welcome to the site fans carp fishing

World fishing site is intended for all lovers of sports fishing primarily to our colleagues carp carp fishingfisherman. We want to assist the development of carp fishing and provide all the beginners in this sport to what went before us in the project to develop carp fishing.We want to always have the most recent information on the competitions, reports from our colleagues on the waters where they were, and all registered members will have the opportunity to catch the photos from publication on our site, http://www.svetpecanja.com/

All interested fishermen who want to publish your article, give advice or note, can do so via e-mail . . Publish your reports with the water that you have visited, comments on the content of articles, and anything else that would interested visitors to this site.

Dear fans of fishing!
We’re glad that you can present Posavina pearl, the lake, a unique place for sport and recreational fishing, which is very rich in various kinds of fish, but mainly carp. It is the origin and dimensions bagerski ditch approximately 700 x 600 meters with a peninsula. The bottom is mainly šljunkovitog characters, although there are parts of the stone, clay and grass surface. Ideal for all types of carp and other gorgeous fish, but here and can catch other fish.

Lake Pelagi?evo created the sixties of the last century, unearthed in gravel for the purpose of building main road Tuzla-Orašje.

Complex area of the lake is about 80 hectares, of which 33 hektra includes surface water lakes. Lake, as well as terrestrial complex around the lake is located in the municipality of Pelagi?evo. Agricultural complex gazduje good “progress” from Pelagi?a.

First poribljavanje the lake was already davne 1967.godine with 3 tons of carp. Average depth of the lake is about 4 meters, and annual fluctuations in water depending on climatic factors, ranging up to one meter.

This accumulation of water is full of water mainly from groundwater sources, which is connected and which regulates the level and the level of the lake, which means that in that sense, this lake closed to the public and not the full dotokom other surface water, or is connected with them.

lover of sports carp fishing