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Winter River Carp Fishing

A cold January day at the Tennessee river, Kingston TN USA. On the way there we actually got to see some snow. It was a really cold day the air temperature was like 7 degrees below freezing. The water though wasn’t as cold which is why we managed to catch many fish. We landed 5 buffalos and 6 common carp. I couldn’t film some of the action because of the cold wether, the camera kept shutting off because of the cold temperature. It was an enjoyable day even though we ware really cold. Enjoy, comment, rate,subscribe!

Fly Fishing in Green River

Fishing is one of favorite past times or hobbies for many people. The thrill of having a big catch is the objective of this activity which makes it fun and exciting. There are many methods in catching fish and fly fishing is one of them.

Fly fishing is a very unique technique that uses artificial flies, fly rod and fly line. You could be able to catch fishes like salmon and trout. However, there are many fly anglers who use this method to catch other species such as carp, pike, pan fish, bass, snook, bonefish and red fish also. The fly line used is made up of plastic coating. Artificial flies come in different variants in terms of weight, size and color.

Most common natural materials used in making artificial flies are feathers or fur and horse hair connected to a hook. But recently, other types of materials are also used and have become very popular too. These flies are created to look attractive to the target species. The colors are chosen according to that of insects and baitfish of these species.

In later years, fly fishing became a popular sport too. Many clubs were established due to the increasing number of people taking up an interest on this activity. Many competitions were held that drew lots of participants from different places.
There are several fly fishing rivers identified suitable for such activity in the United States. Some of these rivers include Pit, Big Horn, Mc Cloud and the Green River in Flaming Gorge dam. The latter is the most popular among the rivers.

Green River naturally became famous because of its abundant trout. It is a perfect place for fly fishing not to mention that the river features a natural beauty making it a good place for camping.

Based on the records of the Division of Wildlife Resources, this river has a population of 20,000 fishes every mile. This ratio is simply advantageous both to beginners and pro fishers. There is little waiting time to catch fish with such abundance.
Green River is divided into three sections. The sections are assigned with letters A, B and C.

Section A is a seven mile stretch starting from the Flaming Gorge Dam to the Little Hole. There are more than a hundred thousand fishes in this section which makes it the most favorite among the three. There are available guides in the areas which can teach you fishing techniques as well as those areas where you can get a better catch. It is the favorite spot of beginners because it is easy to get a catch here. It is also a viable place for kayaking and rafting.

Section B is a nine mile stretch from Little Hole to Browns Park. It contains fewer fishes compared to Section A but sufficient enough to have a good catch. This is a good spot for fishers in the intermediate level. It is quite difficult to get a catch here that will require some acquired skills.

Section C is the most challenging. The fishes are wilder and spookier which makes it a favorite spot for highly skilled fishermen. It is normally not crowded here because only a few hobbyists will enjoy such a difficult catch. For the most challenging fly fishing experience, section B is the right place.

If you want to experience the adventure of fly fishing, it is important to visit any of the fly shops near the river so they could suggest which section is appropriate for your skills. They would also provide you with all the rules and regulations particular for fishing in Green River.

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River Carp Fishing

Kingston, Tennessee. We spent a day at this swim trying to get into some big fish. We did manage to catch a lot but not the big ones we ware after. It was still a good day; I caught a few runs on camera followed by some pictures. I used single vanilla boillie 16mm and 18mm (2 rods on 16 and 2 on 18mm). Enjoy, leave a comment (How can I get the bigger fish to bite, I know they are in there), and subscribe for more.