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Before you buy a bait boat read this

A hobby fisherman you can call me. I like go fishing with the kids, wer’e fortunate to have our own pond out back stocked with bluegills and bass and catfish. I came across the idea of trying one of those remote control boats to catch fish and was about to try to make my own out of an rc boat. It looks easy since all I want it to do is take my fishing line out from my pole and steer the boat to where the fish are. Well, needless to say I scrapped the idea and went on the hunt for a fishing remote boat. I told my son about it and he sure got a kick out of the idea of this unconventional way of fishing, I haven’t seen him that excited since he wanted the xbox, which if you know anyone that wants one I have one cheap, he used it only a couple of months! Wasn’t a minute after searching for it on the internet before I was overwhelmed with choices. Whoa, wait a minute, this new project is going to be a little more than I thought. I’ll tell you, these days kids are smarter than us, my 14 year old says look at this, it’s called a Radio Ranger RC Fishing Boat.
Given the choice, for a first timer these rc fishing boats are more practical than the more expensive bait boats.

We haven’t had this much fun in a long time together, it’s funny how simple things make people happy, like fishing. The thing that gets me is while hunting for our bait boat thing all I could find were what I would call overkill. Heck, I can buy 10 of these Radio Rangers for the price of one of those bait boats.

I like how my kid laughs when he uses the radio ranger to pull in the fish. He puts a cork on the line, and hook an the back of the boat, drives it out and waits for a fish to strike, then drives the fish in with the boat. He’s full of smiles, he caught a few catfish too! I like how I can attach the line from my fishing rod to the boat and drive it out a few hundred feet and release it, right on top of the fish.

So if you’re looking for a some real fun then check these out, I recommend them to anyone with or without kids for the ultimate fishing experience! Read More..

Go Fish!

Pack your rods, reels, lines and hooks for the ultimate fishing trip – sportfishing Hawaii. The islands’ surrounding waters have at least a dozen varieties of fish you can try outsmarting for days on end. So hop on that fully equipped charter and sail on to these top Hawaii deep sea fishing destinations.

Maui or “No Ka Oi” loosely translates as “number one” or “the best” in Hawaiian. Holding true to its name, the island provides great weather and great fishing conditions to anglers from all over the globe. Apart from its fishing lore, its scenery and vivacious way of life makes Maui like no other place in the (Hawaii) islands.

Oahu is well-known not only for outstanding attractions such as the Arizona Memorial but also for Oahu charter fishing. A thing to remember when going Oahu deep sea fishing is that the deeper the water, the bigger the fish. Blue Marlin, Mahimahi and yellow fin tuna prefer the deep blue waters so you’ll never know when, or where, one of these big fish will hit the surface. Also located in this great fishing destination is Wahiawa Public Fishing Area which has a 300-acre reservoir that holds carp, bass, tilapia and catfish among other known fishable species. They say you have to go see for yourself why Hawaii big game fishing is all the rage in Oahu.

Kona is said to be Hawaii’s most productive deep sea fishing area. You’re guaranteed to spend more time hooking monster fish than riding the boat because you’ll get to the prime big game fishing grounds within minutes of leaving Honokohau Harbor. The steep drop-offs and deep blue waters are proven good hunting grounds for prized fish like swordfish, spearfish and big eye tuna.

Kauai, the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands is also a famous location for sportfishing. You don’t have to travel a long distance to get to the deep water where it is highly recommendable to fish. Expect the water to drop off as soon as you leave the harbor and catch tuna, mahimahi and ono among others. In this northernmost island there also are various tours to choose from be it by zipline, helicopter, sportfishing charter, boat and biplane.

In any of the islands, the standard practice is that all catches are property of the charter you’re on. There are some sport fishing charters that offer you portions of fish for your own cooking pleasure, for an extra fee that is. When visiting Hawaii, fishermen should also be mindful of the restricted areas wherein angling is prohibited and all endangered species are fully protected. Such areas are Manele Marine Life Conservation District (MLCD) on Maui, Kealakekua Bay MLCD on the Big Island and Hanauma Bay MLCD on Oahu.

And when fishing in the islands, remember the Hawaiian proverb – “a bad day of fishing is still better than the best day at work”.

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