Top Five Restaurants In Shanghai

Shanghai boasts one of China’s best and most distinctive cuisines. Influenced by its position just south of the Yangtze and at the mouth of the Huangpu, the region abounds in a selection of freshwater fish and shellfish. Dishes from this area are lightly and delicately seasoned.

Shanghai’s people have a ‘sweet tooth’, and more sugar is used in Shanghai than in any other part of China. Shanghai’s neighbors also contribute to the diversity of the area’s cuisine: Hangzhou, known for its West Lake carp; Zhejiang to the west, for its vinegar; and Shaoxing, for its warmed rice wine. The coming of World Expo Shanghai 2010 has made the city known to all over the world. Here are some of the top Shanghai restaurants:

Jade on 36

Jade on 36, on the 36th floor of a five-star hotel called Shangri-La Hotel, is located at No.33 Fu Cheng Road, Pudong New Area. The chief chef in this restaurant is a Frenchman. Ranging from the environment to dishes, Jade on 36 is a symbol of top grade. Inside the restaurant, there are decorations of emerald glass and purple-colored interior leather, making the restaurant looks gorgeous.

On one side of the restaurant, the view of the Bund will take you back to the 1930s, when Shanghai was known as the “Oriental Paris”. On the other side of the restaurant, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the high-rises in Lujiazui financial business district, constantly remind you of the fact that the current Shanghai has opened a new chapter. Exquisite dishes, exceptional design and the breathtaking landscape, will leave you special feelings.

Wujiang Road Snacks Street

Wujiang Road Snacks Street, located at Wujiang Road, Jing’an District, is famous for snacks. Wujiang Road Snacks Street has the same status as the prosperous Business Street in Nanjing West Road, but different in style. Business Street is nobly fashionable while Snacks Street is very close to the fashion of ordinary people. Small shops there are so attractive to the ordinary that customers unconsciously open their hearts, and no longer remember losing weight and going on a diet. Everything is under the control of the taste buds.

On this street, some of the well-known restaurants are Base (a Chinese and western restaurant), MR COFFEE, and Jiro (a name of a restaurant). In MR COFFEE, foreigners often have a cup of coffee in the open air. And Jiro is characterized by curry and coffee, as well as afternoon tea, thus making it a good place for leisure and relaxation.

Golden Jaguar Buffet Dinner Restaurant

There are three Golden Jaguar Buffet Dinner Restaurants in Shanghai. They are respectively located on Yan’an West Road, Nanjing West Road and Zhaojiabang Road. You can taste both Chinese and western foods in all the three restaurants. The most popular dishes are sashimi, crabs, roast suckling pigs, oysters and abalones. You had better book your seats in advance because the three restaurants are very popular.

1221 Restaurant

The décor is modern and stylish and the menu offers a mix of traditional and innovative Shanghai cuisine that is very tasty. Try the ‘la la ji ding’ or spicy cold chicken noodles or any other of their fabulous cold appetizers. An unique dish is the stir fried beef with deep fried dough sticks, a mix of crispy and soft textures. Service is friendly and attentive.

Windmill Restaurant

Windmill Restaurant, in Shenkang hotel, is located at No.1440 Hongqiao Road, Changning District, Shanghai (near Yan An West Road). Windmill Restaurant has a comfortable environment. There are also many old photos of Shanghai, making the restaurant very unique.

The decoration inside is bedecked by the prehistoric ornamental objects of 1930s and 1940s, as well as the photos of a famous movie star named Lanping. They have attracted a number of foreigners. It enjoys a high prestige in the literary and art circle in Shanghai and Southeast Asia, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan province. The buildings, where Windmill Restaurant is located, have been identified as “the protected building” of the municipal government.

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