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Its Alive ? Amazing Carp and Catfish Active Enzyme Baits and Flavours

The awesome ‘fish-pulling power’ of fishing baits that are ‘active’ is truly amazing!

This is a fact that many ‘secret squirrel’ type fishing bait makers and designers will not tell you too much about! But I will – I’m good like that!

I’m a professionally trained horticultural grower and you may wonder what the heck a plant science background has to do with making and enhancing very top performing fishing baits!

OK let’s see: for example, catfish and carp stimulatory betaine, fish essential and non- essential amino acids, fish essential omega oils, essential oils, active enzymes. Countless fish stimulatory and volatile compounds and components.

From lecithins, fats, carbohydrates and protein ingredients, grits and corn to soya, wheatgerm and important effects of these. To fish stimulatory carotenoids, as in the famous ‘Robin Red’ bait ingredient, alkaloids; phenols in flavours, spices, herbs, biofavonoids in fruit oils. Their fish essential and attractant vitamins and minerals etc, etc!

This said – how many of the most powerfully effective drugs effective in animals in the world are plant derived? The latest relevant headline I saw in the paper was “Chilli peppers kill cancer tumours!” It’s interesting that these peppers seriously stimulate the ‘long range’ carp ‘motile’ and protein feeding response…

In fact most of the best fishing flavours have a lot in common with a very famous headache cure and heart attack preventative. This all proves that certain plant ‘active’ and ‘volatile’ ingredients and components are exceptional for putting more fish in your net, when used in baits – as we shall see!

But the practical question is: “Are your homemade fishing baits and readymades ‘dead or alive’ and just how many fish are YOU missing out on as a direct result??!

Many readymades and homemade baits are pretty much innately ‘dead’ when it comes to stimulating fish effectively!

It’s just like the marketing old trick used in carton packaged or canned orange or pineapple juice implying that it’s really great for you and ‘just like the fresh juice!’

What is faulty about this idea is it is simply not true, because the fresh juice is ‘literally alive’ with very highly beneficial active enzymes, which the stored juice has ‘lost’ in being preserved.

You will really notice the difference on your tongue when you eat a fresh pineapple or orange. I’d always add pineapple juice if I wanted to include a synthetic ‘pineapple’ flavour in a carp bait, that’s for sure!

The same effect is felt when eating spices, such as in curry powder, nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon, chillies and black peppers, even many herbs like celery, garlic, onion, and familiar red and blue fruits like cranberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry and so on. Strangely familiar carp attractors and stimulators too!

When you eat a blueberry or strawberry, what is it that stimulates you to eat another one – it can’t contain much nutrition can it; it’s not packed with protein?! Maybe there’s some ‘active’ components and effects at work on your brain!

Perhaps you can leverage such a principle to catch more fish – or even just to get a ‘take’ when times are hard and in ‘unfavourable’ temperatures and air pressure conditions.

The components doing the ‘tingling sensations’ on your tongue are natural ‘volatile components’ and active enzymes, oils components, antioxidants, and powerful acids etc. For example, the multi-use food digesting enzyme ‘bromelain’ is found in pineapple, while ‘bio-active flavonoids’ are especially found in the citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, lime etc. Many winter baits are steeped in ‘bioactive’ ingredients flavours and additives with good reason!

By Tim Richardson

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    Discover a Secret Amazing Carp Fishing Rig


    Like a lot of keen carp anglers I carp fish throughout the fishing season as much in winter as I do in the summer months, it was during one frustrating fishing session that I came up with this rig by pure chance last winter.

    After an hour or so walking around the lake, I managed to find the carp, got set up found some likely areas to place baits, once baits were cast out and freebies scatted in the same area, all that was left was to have a fresh brew and soak up the early morning winter sun.

    During the course of the morning I had carp activity in the spots that I was fishing, but to no avail the carp were not having it, the bait I was using was a proven home made boilie mix that always worked well for me in the winter months.

    What was up with those wily carp?

    Later in during the morning a pleasure angler friend turned up for a days fishing and set up in the next swim to mine, at least I could have some good company even though I was pulling my hair out!

    While my friend set his gear up, I made us some much welcome hot tea.

    Walking over to him with mugs of tea in hand, he was just finishing catapulting some maggots around his float. This is when I had a ‘light bulb’ idea – what about maggots for the carp?  They were used years ago but nobody seemed to use them for carp these days, so I thought I’d give them a go on one rod as I had nothing to lose.

    After scratching my head for a rig to use the maggots with I came up with a rig along these lines…it has since proved a great success summer or winter.

    How to make the rig – I tied a normal hook link about 18 inches long, the hook link was made from 12lb fluorocarbon line, the hook being a korda hybrid teflon coated wide gape size 8, at the other end I tied a size 10 berkley swivel.

    Obtain a length of 2lb mono line about a foot long and a 12mm cork ball.

    I simply threaded the length of 2lb line through the middle of the cork ball using a sewing needle, tied a slip knot around the cork ball, cut the short line tail off, now I tied the remaining 2lb line with cork ball attached, to the eye of the hook and whipped the 2lb line around the hook shank, the distance between bend of hook and cork ball was about 25mm. (this can be a little difficult with the cork ball in the way – you should be able to whip it around once and knot it so the 2lb line and cork ball follow directly from the back of the hook shank)

    Now I picked up four maggots with one hand, holding the taper end of them, with my other hand I have a tube of super glue which I just dab on the maggots at the other end and stick them to the cork ball! Repeat this until the entire cork ball is covered in maggots – this hook link can be tied to any terminal tackle / lead weight combination of your choice. Now not forgetting your putty weight as this is a pop-up rig, place a small piece of lead-free putty or lead free shot on the hook link just below the hook eye and test it in the margin water, just so it sinks slowly, once it does you’re ready to go!   You may laugh at this rig – but it sure works.

    During that winter session I caught a 23lb mirror carp within 30minutes of casting the rig out! Also in the early morning I landed a 25lb common carp on the same rig.

    Yes maybe small potatoes in today’s carp fishing scene of forties, but I have shown this rig to other friends and they have done equally well, one chap who was really struggling on his venue used it and second time out, fished the ‘cork ball maggots rig’ over his bed of boilies and caught the lake record!

    One of the main reasons I think this rig works so well is, presently most carp anglers I see have their baits so close to the hook, and they’ve done this for many years now, the carp learn very quickly especially the older bigger monsters, this rig gives more bait movement near the hook, and of course it is something different that the carp have not seen, imagine if you glued pink maggots to that cork ball what a sight – pop-upped just off the lake bottom, blimey just irresistible for those finicky carp!!

    For more Carp Fishing Secrets – check out my website.

    To Your Success, Good Luck and Tight Lines…


    Dennis R. Black…A Keen Carp Angler with over 30 years experience. To find out more about Big Carp Fishing Secrets and obtain a FREE ‘How to Guide on Modern Carp Fishing DVD’ visit:

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