Alternatives To Salmon ? Which Fish Contain Omega 3

Let’s face it.  A lot of experts have been telling people for years to increase there fish intake to elevate their levels of n-3 fatty acids, but which fish contain omega 3 fatty acids in the highest quantities?  When people think about omega 3 fatty acids, the fish that probably comes to mind first is salmon.  There are many other fatty fish that contain high levels of these essential nutrients as well.

Let me just go over for a moment why increasing your levels of omega 3 fatty acids is necessary.  The foods that have become staples in our diets are incredibly high in omega 6 fatty acids, often providing us with up to 8 times as much n-6 fatty acids as they do n-3s.  Extremely high levels of n-6 fatty acids without enough n-3s to counteract them are the cause of the inflammatory diseases that so many of us suffer.

We need to increase the amount of n-3 fatty acids we are getting so that we can establish a balance between our n-6s and n-3s; because only by having equal amounts of both in our system can we prevent inflammatory diseases from occurring.  Now, let’s take a look to determine other than salmon, which fish contain omega 3 fatty acids in the highest quantities.

The fish with the highest omega 3 content behind salmon are herring, anchovies, sablefish, whitefish, cisco, sardines, halibut, and rainbow trout.  All of these fish provide 1.5 to 2.5 grams of omega 3 fatty acids per 100 gram serving, which is a serving size of about 3.5 ounces.  Oysters actually provide more of these essential fatty acids per serving than either rainbow trout or herring.

Now that you know which fish contain omega 3 fatty acids in the highest doses, I will list for you some seafood items that will also provide these nutrients, albeit in smaller amounts.  These include mussels, sea bass, shrimp, roe, Pollock, carp, flatfish, squid, crab, and lobster.  These creatures all provide you with less than one gram per serving.

The American Heart Association recommends that you eat fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids at least twice a week, because these nutrients are well know for their ability to prevent heart disease.  As beneficial as the nutrients in fish can be, I wouldn’t recommend that you eat it as often as is recommended.  Most fish today possess high levels of toxic mercury, lead, PCBs, and other contaminants.

A better way for you to ensure that you are getting the essential nutrients that you need is by taking a concentrated DHA omega 3 fish oil supplement.  The fish oil in side of these gelcaps has been through a proprietary purification process and molecular distillation, so it is sure to be free of impurities.  Although unnecessary when taking a high quality fish oil supplement, at least you which fish contain omega 3 in high doses should you decide to have some.

Make no mistake about it.  Knowing which fish contain omega 3 fatty acids isn’t nearly as important as knowing that a DHA omega 3 fish oil supplements safely provides you with the high dose of omega 3 fatty acids that you need.

Laurel Cohen is a strong advocate of natural health in all its forms: skin care, supplementation, and farm fresh foods. She enjoys introducing people to the best natural products she can find and uses herself daily. Visit her site to learn about the omega 3 fish oils Laurel uses daily for optimal health.