Episode 8 Carp Fishing at Teggs Nose Reservoir in Cheshire with Harry and Dave

In this video Harry has a couple of short day sessions on Teggs Nose Reservoir in Cheshire. On the second day Dave joins us and baits the swim up with his spod rod and marker float about 30 yards out. The video captures a Mirror Carp caught at the bottom end of the reservoir and we show you some other Carp caught from the venue, however Harry gets his cheque book and pen out for the first time and we take you back in time with the theme tune and intro to the game show Blankety Blank. Teggs Nose holds a large stock of fish from most common species in particular a large head of Mirror and Common carp (between 5lb – 25lb) and a large number of mature bream (3lb – 6lb) and smaller silver fish. Directions to the venue can be found at the end of the video. Thanks for watching!