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Carp Fishing – Down The Pit Pt1

The weather forecast was threatening the first frost of the year over the weekend with clear night skies and a wind that seemed to be coming from ever point of the compass. We headed out anyway, we’ve fished in the cold plenty of times in the past, take the right gear and it’s not a problem. Once at the water, it was business as usual, find the Carp which with the ever changing wind was not going to be that straight forward. We picked an area of the lake that had the odd fish showing and got the marker out. There was a weed bed at about 70 yards out in front of the swim but by now it was well on it’s way to rotting away and shouldn’t cause us any problems if we fished the back of it and hooked any Carp, they’d just bring the weed in with them! Friday night passed with out a run but there were fish crashing about in the early hours of the morning off to the right of our swim. Saturday went well for Adam landing two Carp of 19lb and 27lb (Pt2), both fish caught from baited spots, one at around 90 yards and the other at 30. Sunday was a wash out with heavy wind and rain. I moved onto the windward side of the lake as one or two Carp were showing at about 120 yards from the bank. The move didn’t result in anymore fish on the bank.

Episode 6 Carp Fishing at Winsford Bottom Flash with Harry and Friends after some River Carp

In this video Harry has a short session over night at Winsford Bottom Flash in Cheshire. He uses a marker float and finds a deeper channel about 50 yards out to fish to. First cast he catches his first ever Bream and the video shows a typical Bream take. The Flash holds a good head of Large un-known Carp and a lot of Large River Bream. The Flash is a very beautiful relaxed place to fish. Harry talks us through his rigs and the baits that hes using. We capture night fall and Paul checking out the Sexy Models in the new diem-angling gear insert. On this session we had no Carp, but we do capture the angler on the next peg playing and landing a nice Mirror Carp. The flash also holds some specimen Roach and some nice sized Tench. The venue address can be found at the end of this short video. Thanks for watching!

Episode 8 Carp Fishing at Teggs Nose Reservoir in Cheshire with Harry and Dave

In this video Harry has a couple of short day sessions on Teggs Nose Reservoir in Cheshire. On the second day Dave joins us and baits the swim up with his spod rod and marker float about 30 yards out. The video captures a Mirror Carp caught at the bottom end of the reservoir and we show you some other Carp caught from the venue, however Harry gets his cheque book and pen out for the first time and we take you back in time with the theme tune and intro to the game show Blankety Blank. Teggs Nose holds a large stock of fish from most common species in particular a large head of Mirror and Common carp (between 5lb – 25lb) and a large number of mature bream (3lb – 6lb) and smaller silver fish. Directions to the venue can be found at the end of the video. Thanks for watching!

Investigative projects available in the Philippines, anyone?

perspret asked:

could somebody help me find an investigative project? it actually regards more on scientific research, though high school level only. I have chosen “The Use of Vitellogerinin Gene Expression in the Male Carp Fish for Molecular Marker of Exposure to Estrogen (EDC’s) ” as a title, but I do not know the process on how i am going to perform it.

*Suggestions concerning new titles or topics will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

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