my friends and i are big on fishing during the summer time. there is a resivoir right behind our houses so during the summer, we go fishing alot. the biggest fish i have seen get pulled out of there was about 2 feet bass. there are also a lot of carp. we want to try ice fishing. these are the fish that we catch in the summer, we go over to a big cove were there are many big and small fish -carp -bass -pirch -sunny’s -and occasionaly pumpkinseeds those are the fish that we catch in the summer. what one of these fish survives through the winter and during the winter do they move into deeper waters? or can we still catch them in the coves? our current set up for winter fishing is a sinker rig, with 1 hook about 1 foot above the sinking weight. on the hook we used tightly compressed bread balls to try and catch somthing. we didnt get anything yet. any tips on how to ice fish? and how is a fish’s living habitat changed during the cold months? thanks for all the help!