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Preparing Rigs for Fishing for Bass

When you’re fishing for bass, there will be days when the fish are just not biting. These are the days when you need to use different types of baits to attract their attention and lure the bass to your hook. There are three rigs you should have to help you catch any type of bass when it seems you are wasting your time. These are:

– Texas rigs

– Carolina rigs, and

– Floating rigs

According to professional bass anglers, these are probably the best three baits that will help you catch bass under any conditions. You shouldn’t rely on having just one because these are the tools of the trade when it comes to bass fishing.


Anglers have used the Texas rig successfully for more than 25 years.  It is very simple to set up and you are practically guaranteed to catch bass, that is, if you are fishing in a lake or river where there are bass. All you need to rig a Texas rig is a hook, line and sinker. The sinker is usually a bullet shaped slip sinker, which you attach to the line so that the smallest part of the weight is facing upwards. Using a worm hook, you then tie the hook on the end of the line. The next step is to tie on your artificial bait, which depends on the season of the year. For example, in summer, a lure that resembles shad is the best and in spring, one that resembles carp is best.


For the Carolina rig, you need to have a bit more equipment to get started, which is:

– main reel line

– a barrel swivel

– a length of 2-pound test leader line (about 6 feet)

– a weight

– glass or brass bead or a rattle chamber

– hook

Tie one end of the leader line to the barrel swivel. Put the main on the main line from the reel and then tie on the bead or rattle chamber, whichever you are using. Then tie the end of the main line to the other end of the barrel swivel. When you have this done, you tie your hook to the other end of the leader line.


The Floating rig is the most indispensable lure you can have in your fishing arsenal. You only need a small barrel swivel and a hook. Use about three inches of your main line as a leader line and tie it to one end of the barrel. Tie the other end of the barrel to the main line and then tie on the hook. You don’t use any weight for this rig because you need to have more buoyancy. This rig is designed for use with plastic baits and floating worms.


For fishing around rocks, the Floating rig is the best one to use because the others will get tangled up. If you are fishing a downward slope, the best rig to choose is the Carolina rig because it will stay in contact with the contours of the bottom of the river. When fishing a bull rush field, you will have more success with a Texas rig because you can make more accurate casts with the weight.

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