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Radio Ranger radio control fishing boat and pole combo- RC Fishing Boat Radio Ranger Radio Control Fishing!

  • great gift
  • loads of fun
  • kids love this

Product Description
Use it to deliver your Hook, line, bait instead of casting!
Drop your fishing line at your favorite fishing spot. Or leave the line attached until a fish hits, the line will release from the boat, then reel in the fish!

Fun Too!
Attach the piece of line and small hook, and bobber, (included) and “watch” the bobber, when a fish bites the hook use the boat to bring in the fish!
Drive your line as far as 300-400 feet!

Plus When Yo… More >>

Radio Ranger radio control fishing boat and pole combo- RC Fishing Boat Radio Ranger Radio Control Fishing!

MasterCaster RC Fishing Boat Combo

  • 29″ Remote Controlled Fishing Boat
  • Really catchs fish-Any size fish!
  • Catch Fish from the shore, dock or a boat!
  • Great Fishing Fun for all ages.
  • Easy to use

Product Description
Catching fish is fun with a Fish Fun Co. new R/C Fishing Boat! Go RC Fishing on a pond or a lake. You just drive the R/C Boat around until you catch a fish, watch as the line disconnects and have fun reeling in the big fish! The great thing is the line will come off the boat when a fish hits, so you can really catch Any Size fish! The 29″ Remote Control Boat has twin 380 motors, and comes complete with everything you need for a day r/c fishing fun! The RC Boat also … More >>

MasterCaster RC Fishing Boat Combo


LuckyStrike Remote Control Fishing Boat www.rcfishingworld.com Catching little Bluegill’s around the shore is just as much fun, if not more fun when they’re being caught with a remote control boat! Using a peice of nightcrawler on a small hook the “LuckyStrike RC Fishing Boat” lived up to it’s name. Catching fish after fish, the fun never ended! It is a spunky boat too, at 32 inches long, twin 390 motors, and with a 7.2 volt 3300 mah Venom battery it gets about 30-40 minutes of real fishing fun. This rc boat has a range of about 400 feet. Next time we are going to do some bait casting with the boat and see if we can catch a big one!

Radio Ranger Rc fishing boat catches a monster size ocean fish!

rcfishingworld.com Fish Fun Co. Radio Ranger Rc fishing boat….. Rc Fishing during a recent fishing trip, in Dubai, (a country far away). Our friend uses a remote control fishing product he recently bought from Fish Fun Co. It’s remote control boat called the “Radio Ranger”, 32″ inches,…