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Making Carp Bait Part 2-How to make your own paste for coarse/carp fishing

How to make your own paste for course/carp fishing in just a few minutes. Extras can be added along the way for extra effect. So how do you choose which ingredients to use, which ratios of these to use and why? The first step is commonly practicality; can you put these things together into a dough or paste, to produce a boilie mix that will bind together and roll well? To produce a boilie from various ingredients without instructions on ratios of each ingredient takes some preliminary testing. So it is wise to start by using one large hen’s egg (or similar), mixed with a small amount of any liquid ingredients, to confirm that your test dry ingredients when mixed actually bind and roll well into balls to make boiled baits. If not, add more egg, a small amount of vegetable oil or ‘binding material’.

Ideally start by putting the carp’s dietary needs first when making bait, and begin with the bulk ‘whole protein food’ content of ingredients at 25 % to 50 % of your preliminary 100 % dry mixture. Such examples used could be combinations of some of the following: caseins, lactalbumin, fish meals, meat meals, whey protein.

Usually you will require a binding material to hold the protein food together in the bait. This may require using dry binding ingredients like semolina, wheat gluten, wheat flour, soya flour etc for up to 50 % of the mix, necessary for many types of coarse bird food meals, shellfish meals, meat and fish meals. Different bait materials will alter this approximate ratio, but use the ratio that rolls first! And increase the protein content from there (Using eggs / egg powder to bind your bait, adds a great nutritional added profile as a complete protein food.)

Examples of binders:

Hen’s eggs Egg powder Whey gel Bread crumbs Full fat ‘yellow’ semolina Maize meal Corn starch Potato starch White ground rice flour Wheat flour Wheat gluten Potato gluten Full fat soya flour Ground seeds Ground ‘Sluis CLO’ Ground ‘EMP’ Ground ‘CeDe’ Ground ‘Red band’ pigeon seed mix Beef gelatin based binding products.

Some of the most effective attraction of your bait comes from the water soluble fraction of particular ingredients used. Ingredients with this characteristic content could constitute 10 % up to 30 % of the mix. Making a resilient practical boilie mix may require the addition or reduction of only one ingredient. Some of the best baits you will ever discover are made by this trial and error process. The solubility of ingredients is especially recommended if an ingredient has high protein value, such as sodium and calcium caseinates, calf milk replacers, whole milk powder, yeast powder, hydrolyzed fish and shellfish proteins etc…

Some are used at much lower levels, e.g. 0.2 % to 6 % ; e.g., hydrolyzed fish protein, hydrolyzed spirulina extract, squid extract, anchovy extract, green crab / lobster / scallop / shrimp / oyster / baby clam extracts, green lip mussel extract etc. These are also effective as most are extremely quickly and efficiently digested with immediate benefits that the carp can feel.

I prefer to fresh freeze baits, or ‘air dry’ them naturally, or preserve them in a flavor / amino acid / supplement compound, rather than using a chemical preservative in the bait like ascorbic acid.

Carp require oils (essential fatty acids) but only in small amounts e.g., up to 5 % of your total dry mix. Oily fish meals and shellfish meals are already rich in these, as are flax seed, hemp seed, sesame seeds, salmon oil, cod liver oil, crustacean oil, etc. To meet minimum carp dietary requirements try adding perhaps around 1 milliliter to 3 milliliters of a good quality nutritional oil per egg, (maximum,) depending on oil level in the dry mix.

At times of year when water temperatures drop below 55 Fahrenheit / 13 Degrees Celsius, it’s sensible to drop the oil levels used or use emulsified oil. It also pays to reduce some of your ‘whole protein food’ content and substitute it with e.g., 3 ounces of wheat germ; this is a proven method of improving the biological conversion of your bait inside the carp by making your bait more ‘carp digestible’

Carp love to crunch food and in doing so send out all kinds of feeding signals to other carp, allowing attractive food particles to pass out of the gills.

Nutritional ingredients can be used for this effect, e.g. bird foods – ‘Robin Red’, ‘Red Factor’,‘Nectarblend’, Ground ‘Red Band’ pigeon food, prepared ground mixed nuts and seeds; prepared tiger nuts and hempseed, millet, egg – biscuit myna – bird rearing food, niger seeds, ‘RRR’, ground birdseeds ‘Ce De’, ‘PTX’, ground insects, dried larvae, coarse kelp meal etc.

Also used are crushed oyster shell and eggshell. These also allow bait to release attractors faster, putting more out to attract carp quicker and more effectively, especially in lower water temperatures. They also help the fish to eat more bait by helping them pass it through their systems faster.

Test each individually because their properties vary. Use, e.g., 0.5 ounces per pound for shell through to e.g., 2 ounces per pound of course kelp meal, to e.g., 3 ounces per pound of ‘Robin Red’, ground birdseed e.g., 6 ounces per pound, up to 8 ounces per pound of ‘Nectar Blend’.

Here are some examples of recognized ‘nutritional’ bird food ingredients:

‘PTX’ ‘Robin Red’ ‘Red Factor’ ‘Nectar Blend’ ‘RRR’ Spanish peppers ‘Prosecto Insectivorous’ ‘Sluis’ CLO ‘Sluis’Universal ‘Sluis’ Mynhah bird food ‘CeDe’ ‘EMP’ ‘Red Venom’ carophyll red liquid pigment attractor (www.ccmoore.com)

Other ingredients are used to change resilience, texture, attractor leak-off, e.g., milk powders, whole milk, ‘Vitamealo’ at, e.g., 4 ounces per pound), or in a very soluble bait to bind it ‘tighter’ e.g., whey gel at 3 ounces per pound, or make it harder, e.g. blood powder at e.g. 4 ounces per pound, egg albumin at e.g., 2 ounces per pound, whole egg powder at, e.g., 3 ounces per pound, or whey gel, e.g., 1 ounce per pound.

To avoid silt / to make baits more buoyant, include ingredients like sodium caseinate, e.g. 5 ounces per pound, or shrimp meal, e.g. 3 ounces per pound or krill meal at e.g., 3 ounces per pound.

Vitamins and minerals are great attractors too, being essential for carp health and growth. Many of the above extracts supply these, but they leach out of bait very fast. Adding black strap molasses, betaine hydrochloride to the mix and as liquid soak really help.

Other ingredients can be added in very low levels to enhance your bait, or give it an ‘extra special attractive note’ e.g., 1 teaspoon per pound, of powdered taste enhancer, sea salt, or sweeteners like sodium saccharin and fishing company proprietary brands liquid and powdered sweeteners with no ‘chemical back taste’.

When you mix new ingredients together always test your mixture first. Try using one egg as a binder, to see if you have your ratios right for practical binding and rolling purposes. Always prepare your wet ingredients first and add dry ingredients to the wet ones gradually as you become accustomed to the ingredients you’re using, this part will become simple!

You can refine your bait’s nutritional content as you become familiar with getting practical bait together that works and catches carp. You will soon find it’s very easy to make all kinds of baits, and your secret bait armory will fill you with confidence and your photograph albums with big carp!

Fishing Basics – Some Hook Styles and Purposes

Fishing Basics – Some Hook Styles and Purposes

Tuna hooks are almost circular hooks with just holes in the shank-end for the eyes, and a curved-in point. Contrary to its name, these are not for tuna fishing but mostly used for deepwater bottom fishing. The circular configuration makes it difficult for the hooked fish to dislodge the hook once caught due to three barriers: the barb, the turned-in point and the shank end. Theoretically, circle hooks do not catch the fish in the gut or throat, but in the mouth, so that releasing them is easier.

Long shanked hooks. Mostly Limerick, Aberdeen and similar styles, are thin-wire hooks with long shanks and dark colors, from red to black. Some have small burrs at the back of the shank to hold the bait and may have turned-in or turned-out eye. Used primarily to catch soft-mouth fishes like river carp, but also effective for flounder and other flatfishes. This hook style is popular in Great Britain and European coarse fishing.

General purpose hooks. Exemplified by the round haddock, O’Shaughnessy and flatted hooks in their varied styles. Round haddock hooks have large eyes turned along the hook bend and point. Considered not as effective as others but almost perfect for multi-hook trolling flies, since the tinsel or fiber can be threaded through the large eye to hold them more securely. Still remains popular in many areas.

The O’Shaughnessy style is deemed the best all-purpose type, and many variations are available. This style has a small eye turned perpendicular to the bend and point, and with the shank bent a little forward. Variations include the baitholder, with the small points at the shank to hold the soft bait; and snelled hooks with turned-in or -out eyes, sold with short leaders already tied. Weedless hooks are those with a short piece of wire from the eye to the point, to ward off weeds and other water debris from lodging in the hook bend or point. Weedless hooks are mostly used in fishing water with thick vegetation, either with bait or as flyhook. Many hooks can be rigged weedless, though.

On the other hand, the flatted hooks have flat shank ends instead of eyes, the flat part to bar the snell knot from pulling out of the hook. Snelled flattened hooks are popular to light long-liner fishermen, but not to sportfishermen because the thin flattened end breaks rather easily. Also the flat end hurts one’s finger when removing the hook from the fish.

Multi-hooks. A tandem hook is a hook with a smaller no-eye one welded into it. It is used as stinger hook: attached to the main hook with a short leader, then the tandem’s smaller hook is pushed into the tail part of the (usually live) bait to catch wary fishes that attack only the rear part of the bait.

Trebles are three hooks welded into one, commonly used in lures, from crankbaits through trolling lures to diamond jigs. A treble hook is usually attached to the lure via a split ring to give it free play, although some use hook eyes. Trebles can be effective also in certain fly designs, especially those that are made to resemble octopuses or squids.

Special design hooks. These are the keel hooks, jig, Kahle, and offset hooks. Keel (worm) hooks, those with shanks double-bent just below the eye so the point will ride upward, used primarily for saltwater flies and for soft-plastic worms in freshwater fishing. Jig hooks are bent in 90 degrees or so just below the eye which then makes the point to ride up. The lead weight is molded around the shank bend, making the jig virtually weedless.

A Kahle hook has a severe bend in the shank and is largely used for live bait – crawfish, baitfish and shrimp- as well as stink baits. The Skip Gap Worm hook is bent a few times at the shank near the eye to better hold plastic baits such as worms, grubs and newts. The bait is flipped under wood piers and docks or around weeds so a good hold is imperative.

Of a unique style is the offset hooks, which have points bent either left or right (kirbed or reversed). The offset point is believed to hook faster and surer, since the point will bite any way the hook is mouthed by the fish.

Buy the Award Winning ‘Esca Lures’ online at http://www.innovativefishingtackle.co.uk/

Actually, there are more hook designs than hook-and-line fishing styles, so the angler is faced with some difficulty in selecting his hooks. Added to that is the fact that many hooks designs can serve purposes other than those it was developed for, if with lessened effectiveness. Therefore, one must carefully consider the fishing he is to do to determine the hook he should have, in order to make the best out of his activity.

Hampton Beach Deep Sea Fishing – Amazing Fishing Experience Guaranteed

Hampton Beach offers the best location if are looking to go Deep Sea Fishing. The waters are excellent for fishing with beaches against the most beautiful backdrops, where you can admire the deep sea fishing boats bobbing to and fro. If you are coming for Deep Sea Fishing in Hampton Beach, you will want to check out the best charters for a fantastic trip out to sea in comfort and style.

You can find many packages on offer for the perfect fishing excursion. A half-day excursion can give you a taster so that you can get a feel of the waters, especially if you are a beginner, and to have a go at Deep Sea Fishing to see if it is for you. In Hampton Bay you can get an excellent catch in cod, haddock or mackerel and if you venture out more than three miles offshore up to about twelve miles, you will get more of a choice. Your trip can last about four hours so a newcomer get acquainted with the waters and the process to satisfy their curiosity.

There are Hampton Bay charters for the more experienced, so that you can go out further, giving you a full day of fishing lasting about 8 or 9 hours. Your boat will take you out over twelve miles to about twenty miles, so that you even lose sight of the shore. This gives you the perfect opportunity to fish for the more exotic catches of sandsharks, wolfish, also the chance to get some larger sized haddock, redfish and tuna for a wonderful experience.

For the complete novice, who may not quite be cut out for this Deep Sea Fishing, there are the inshore services of Hampton Bay charters, which will just take you offshore for about two miles for a trip lasting about two or three hours. Here, try catching some flounder, some small mackerel, perch, as well as other inshore specimens. The cost of this will of course be less expensive, an attractive choice for those who want a taster, unsure of their interest in Deep Sea Fishing and those who are afraid of the sea or deeper Swaters, and especially if you think you may get sea sickness.

For the warmer weather of Spring and Summer, you could be more adventurous and feel like trying an extended trip in the bay. The fish are out in force in the waters, so the charter services in Hampton Bay can offer you a marathon trip of 12 hours, going much farther out to sea, to get the true feel and experience that you expect from Deep Sea Fishing.

Anglers out on Hampton Bay target the abundance of cod that is found largely in this area. You can also find bluefish, cusk, haddock, hake, mackerel, pollock that are most common in these waters. With such an array of fishing options in Hampton Bay, and a vast variety to choose from, you will get a fair idea of what it is to go Deep Sea Fishing.

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Fishing – A Beginners Glossary Part 1

Fishing – A Beginners Glossary Part 1

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Home Page > Sports and Fitness > Fishing > Fishing – A Beginners Glossary Part 1

Fishing – A Beginners Glossary Part 1

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Posted: Aug 18, 2009 |Comments: 0
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The basic concept of fishing is fairly basic and self explanatory. Fishing is the act of catching fish. Or my particular favourite dictionary definition for fishing is, “the diversion of catching fish!”  I am not sure whether they mean a diversion for the angler from their regular day to day life or the act of diverting the fish onto the hook or into a net! 

As with any transaction there are usually two parties involved. In this case we have the fisherman or fisherwoman as the “fish-er” and the fish, would logically, to me at least, be the “fish-ee”.

What about some of the terms we hear regarding fishing though? To the uninitiated it can sound like a load of old trout!

Ok here is a really easy one to kick off with:

1. Fish type/species followed by the word “fishing”- For example, carp, bass or trout and the word fishing, e.g. carp fishing. This really is as simple as it sounds. Fishing for a particular species of fish which in this case is carp.

2. Fishing Tackle – This is not some illegal challenge in football or soccer but in fact the equipment that is used for fishing. There is a large variety of fishing tackle available and much of it can be specialised, e.g. carp fishing tackle. Yes you guessed it, the fishing tackle used to try and catch carp.

3. Coarse Fishing – This is not fishing on a golf course (notice the subtle spelling difference) or any kind of course for that matter. It is in fact the name given to fishing (usually in the United Kingdom) for freshwater fish that are not considered game fish which are trout, salmon and char. Once again, carp is a common target for coarse fishers.

4. Fly Fishing – Fishing whilst flying would be really difficult and probably very dangerous, so that’s not what this is. Fly fishing is actually fishing with a very special kind of bait, an artificial fly. Yes a fake fly! The fishers use all kinds of fake fly, different sizes, different colours and the aim is to lure the fish with this unique bait.

5. Fishing Bait – Theoretically you could fish without much of the modern fishing tackle as I am sure they did in ages past, with just a sharp spear and an even sharper aim! However, whoever first came up with the idea of luring the fish with some kind of bait was clearly a genius. Fishing is now much easier than it ever was, with all kinds of bait available for all kinds of different fish and different fishing conditions.

This concludes part one of our “Beginners Fishing Glossary”. Tune in soon for part 2, when we will have a look at Sea Fishing, Bass Fishing and perhaps even the legend that is J R Hartley.

Retrieved from “http://www.articlesbase.com/fishing-articles/fishing-a-beginners-glossary-part-1-1137235.html

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About the Author:

If this has whetted your appetite for fishing then please feel free to visit the North West Angling Centre, a massive fishing superstore at www.nwac.co.uk stocking huge amounts of fishing tackle including carp fishing tackle.

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Carp Fishing Books That Seriously Improve Your Big Fish Catches!

If you are like most anglers or even parents of anglers, then around your thought are on fishing and presents. But what to buy? What will have the greatest impact on the satisfaction and enjoyment and actual fishing results of a person? Education is the answer, but real life experiences are the most exciting and informative when put down in words; so read on now!

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If this has whetted your appetite for fishing then please feel free to visit the North West Angling Centre, a massive fishing superstore at www.nwac.co.uk stocking huge amounts of fishing tackle including carp fishing tackle.

Carp fishing with Andy Findlay – Pellet preparation

Andy Findlay explains how to prepare pellets for use in method feeder fishing. Andy puts this method to good use catching carp and other fish. See our other Andy Findlay video for the proof! Andy’s article will appear in the June issue of Coarse Fisherman magazine along with many other features on coarse fishing.

Carp Fishing Method Feeder with Andy Findlay

Andy Findlay catches Mirror Carp in Leicestershire, UK. Andy explains the benefits of method feeder fishing with the Preston Innovations Quick Release Method Mold using pellets. Watch him catch a 5lb Mirror Carp with this method. Andy’s article will appear in the June issue of Coarse Fisherman magazine along with many other features on coarse fishing.