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Sports Fishing – Become A Menber Of The Worldwide Community

Hundreds of thousands of sports fishers enjoy fishing-oriented events, competitions, and fishing expeditions designed for all levels – from novices to well-seasoned game fishermen. The perfect practice for people who love being outdoors in nature, enjoy quiet solitude or building close relationships with a few friends, and thrive on the challenge of learning the skills needed to attract, catch, and land the ever-evasive fish.

Opportunities to Learn Sport Fishing Basics

Anglers (who use a hook to fish) and other fishermen at all skill levels have a variety of ways to learn their craft. While many fishers learn the sport by first-hand trial and error experience, fishing schools are a great way to learn the basic techniques, whether you’re interested in game fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing, or rock fishing. Fishing guides not only teach you how to get the best results, but they show you where you can find the fish you’re after. Joining a group of more experienced fishers or a fishing charter tour will help you learn from the more experienced while you enjoy a group fishing adventure. You can even pick up tips and techniques when you visit boat shows!

No matter how your learn, you’re sports fishing education should include techniques for:

• Knots
• Wire Twists
• Hooks
• Tackle Maintenance
• Wind-on Leaders
• Crimps
• Splices
• Building Riggs
• Angling techniques
• Learning basic equipment

Popular Sport Fishing Spots

In the United States, locations people choose for sports fishing depend on the type of experience they want and the species of fish they want to catch. Inland freshwater fishing, where sports fishers enjoy casting, working with exotic lures, and gathering the food for a great fish fry, is best in cool-weather climates. But warm-water streams, rivers, and lakes also offer abundant rewards.

Inland freshwater fishing offers good eating species like trout, bass, catfish, crappie, minnows, sunfishes, and carp. Among many popular inland locations for sports fishing are:
• Chattooga River near Clayton, South Carolina
• Owens River near Mammoth Lakes, California
• Jacks River near Knoxville, Tennessee
• Mountain streams at Slate Run, Pennsylvania
• Deerfield River near Charlemont, Massachusetts
• Conasaugua and Jacks Rivers near Crandall, Georgia
• Cranberry River near Richwood, West Virginia
• Upper Connecticut River near Pittsburgh, New Hampshire
• North Branch of the Potomac River near Bloomington, Maryland
• South Platte River near Denver, Colorado
• Lake Eufaula near Eufaula, Oklahoma
• Great Lakes

American sport fishers who want to stay in the States and enjoy the challenges of saltwater fishing find great spots in harbors and on coastlines as well as out in deep ocean waters. Just a few of many popular locations for game fishing, where sports fishers seek the bigger, faster adversary include:
• Cape Cod, Cape Ann and Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts
• Charters from Atlantic City, New Jersey
• Long Island, New York
• Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island
• Albemarle Sound, Cape Fear, and Cape Lookout, North Carolina
• Middle Chesapeake Bay
• Charleston Harbor and Winyah Bay, South Carolina
• Apalachee Bay and Apalachicola Bay to Cape San Blas, Florida
• East Cape To Naples Bay, Florida
• St Joseph, St Andrew and Choctawhatchee Bays, Florida
• Tampa Bay to Crystal River, Florida
• Mouth of the Mississippi River, near Venice, Louisiana
• Corpus Christi, Texas
• Matagorda Island to Aranasas Pass, San Antonio Bay, Texas
• Matagorda to Aransas Pass, Carlos Bay to Redfish Bay Texas
• Mississippi Sound to Cat Island Lake Borgne, Mississippi
• Laguna Madre, Texas
• Channel Islands, California
• Baja California, Pacific Side
• Mission Bay and San Diego Bay, California
• Santa Catalina, San Clemente Islands, California
• Alaska Coastline, anywhere
• Hawaii Coastline, anywhere

Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii are among the most popular game fishing locations internationally. And sports fishing can be found near any major international port and near mature reef systems. For sports fishers who want to get experience outside the United States, just a few of many popular locations include:
• Caribbean Islands
• Offshore Mexico, particularly Baja California
• Eastern Coastline of Australia
• Costa Rica
• Egypt
• Samoa
• Tahiti

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Carp Fishing, What Do I Need?

There are so many bits of equipment available that will make the carp fishermans dream come true. But make sure that you have the basics for your carp fishing expeditions to begin with. Before going out on a fishing gear spending spree, make sure that you are familiar with the types of places that you are fishing in, and what size of carp are being caught in the area.

Important Tackle
A good landing net that is fairly large in size is needed when carp fishing. Reliable forceps are needed to detangle hooks. To take the hook out of a carps mouth, you will need an unhooking mat. Fish like carp should never be placed on hard surfaces while the hooks are being removed.

Carp Rods
Depending on where you are fishing, Carp rods for small lakes and carp around the size of 15lbs need 1 ½ to 2 lb test curve. For distance, casting 3lb is ideal. There are other types of carp rods such as fast taper tip action, medium tip action and all through action. The conditions you are fishing in will have a lot to do with your choice.
For close work, the all through action rod is perfect, while distance will require a medium action rod as this will bend easily at the tip. For really long distance work when heavy weights need to be cast long distances, the fast tip action rod is the best.

Carp Reels
Reels need to be matched to your carp rod, so depending on the type of fishing that you are doing, you will want to choose something that feels comfortable and balanced on your rod as well as does the job that you need it to do. If you are not sure of the sizes needed, speak to someone in your local tackle shop, they will provide you with advice and choices in carp reels.

Line for your reel
Again, the line has a lot to do with your rod and reel. Keep in mind, though, not to use line that is too light, this will result in more lost fish and tackle. There are lines available called braids that seem to be popular, or using a standard monofilament line is just as good.

Carp hooks should never be cheap. A cheap hook means a lost fish in most cases. Buy the better quality hooks. Compared to the cost of other equipment discussed here carp hooks are relatively inexpensive anyway. Make sure that the hooks that you buy are barb-less if that is the requirement in your area by the fishery department. A selection of hooks from a number 4 to 12 hook sizes will give you a good variety.

Look for in-line and bomb weights. These are the two best weights for carp fishing. In line and bomb weights are easy to thread and are a pale gray color so they will blend in with the bottom of the lake. There are many different sizes of weights. You will need a selection of these. Around 1-3-lbs will provide you with plenty to choose from. But keep in mind that what you buy, you will need to carry along with you, so dont go overboard with your weights.

Carry Alls
Carp carry alls are great for carrying around a heap of gear, although a carry all must be carried in your hands. A plain rucksack is also another way to effectively carry around your gear. Make sure that any bags or rucksacks that you do choose are made from a good waterproof anti-rip material. Rod carriers are ideal for protecting your rods and with the pouch included in some carriers, you can leave the reels on your rods. If you have the room in your carrier, put an umbrella in there to provide protection from adverse weather conditions.

Tackle Box
Your choice in a tackle box is really a personal thing. There is a style available for almost any taste, size, or budget. What you choose really doesnt matter, an old lunch box is good enough. Ideally, you may want to choose something that has partitions that will keep all of your gear neatly in the right places for easy reference. Make sure that if you invest in a fancy tackle box, it is made of quality robust materials so it will stand the test of time.

More goodies
Pods can be useful while fishing for carp and a weigh sling and scales are a must if you want to weigh those massive carp you catch. The Rolls Royce of all extra bits you can get is a bite alarm. It is costly, but what a convenience.
A few other bits that will complete any carp fishermans list of tackle is a baiting needle, bollies stops, swivels and some floats and stops. There are new things coming on the market every day that will add to your fun while carp fishing. So keep looking, you never know what you may find.

James Johnson, carp fisherman that has caught the big one, the little one and sometimes none at all. Just like most fisherman, the one that got away is always the biggest. Carp Fishing from Trevs Tackle