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Monster Carp The Size Of A Whale

Monster Carp The Size Of A Whale

Everyone has that special fish. The story they tell at Thanksgiving dinner, “that one time,” that lives in family infamy. A proud man keeps an ornament, cleanly propped above the fireplace. More humble fisherman might never tell the story at all, smirking to god over their good fortune. Regardless of the path a fisherman chooses, catching the right Carp will quench the thirst of any outdoors adventurer (as long as they aren’t hungry).

Carp are some of the most magnificent species under the water, frequently willing to fight a lure right off the pole. The Carp pictured above, a whopping monster Carp, was brought down some years ago in frigid northern waters. Monster Carp like this survive all over the United States, as well as Canada. Adventurers looking to grab a similar monster Carp, often need not look further than their local stream. Carp grow “into” their environment, often allowing “monster carp,” like the one above, to grow throughout the entirety of their lifespan, find a deep stream and a monster Carp may live there.

Known predominantly as a bottom feeder, often mislabeled and frequently released, Carp fishing is about the adrenaline rush of bagging not just any fish, but thee “monster Carp.” Tales spawn from all over the world of particular individual monster Carp reaching 200-300-400 pounds. Even ancient artwork, from North American Indians long since evacuated, suggests monster Carp have been a favorite grab for sport fisherman, dating back centuries. It is human nature, a fisherman’s most natural and innate desire, to bag a BIG fish. Not just a Big fish, a monster, a giant, a Goliath, from here to here and over there. A “that one timer.” Monster Carp provide specifically that desire, an opportunity to quench that natural thirst for fishing sports greatest achievement. North American Carp like this are some of my favorite fish personally, so I am biased to the craft I must admit. I love to cast my line, medium action, and get to work.

Monster Carp fishing is awesome, ideally with a medium action line, designed to bend about 2/3’s down the rod and providing great safety. I give up some distance on my cast, sometimes I even RC Fish, I prefer streams, where I can see the monster. Reeling in a 100 pound fish provides that moment of satisfaction. Don’t hesitate, don’t worry about slender details, find a local stream and go to work!

Carp Fishing Bait – Big Business of Today Due to Growing popularity of Fishing

Carp Fishing Bait a Big Business of Today Due to Growing popularity of Fishing

Carp fishing bait or boilies as they can be called in the UK, are used. Carp fishing bait usually differs from lake to lake. It is also seen that in some of the French carp lakes they only allow specific types of bait to use for your carp fishing. It is therefore necessary for you to check this out and use proper carp fishing bait before you go for carp fishing. In many places for instance the baits like, tiger nuts or certain ground baits are not allowed. Today apart from business sport fishing is getting extremely popular. It is generally done using a rod and various baits or hooks. Most of time sport persons also have to follow specific competition rules that controls on how the fish should be caught and various other aspects.

Fishing today is both business as well as a perfect cool sport that is being enjoyed by millions of people. It helps you to remain Fit and Cool. This started over 40,000 years ago. It was at that time rather considered for getting food rather than sport. With the increasing popularity of carp fishing there is also increasing demand of carp fishing bait. This is therefore a big business of today and many of the people are just making enough money by dealing in carp fishing bait.

The Egyptians were one of the first who used fishing tools to catch fishes. The river Nile was then an obvious source of fish for them. They used better methods and ways for catching fishes, then came the better and more sophisticated ways of fishing.  These were tried in entire world, using the carp fishing bait. People use nets and traps along with the carp fishing bait to catch fishes.

With the growing popularity of carp fishing there are now numbers of different carp fishing lakes that have complete packages available for their customers. Right starting from accommodation, equipments, food, etc. they can also supply the fridge which is not just for the bait, but also for that cold beer or chilled water for you on a really hot day to keep you Fit and Cool.

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Fly Fishing – With The Right Equipment And Technique It Is The Most Enjoyable Sport

Fly fishing is a water sport and a very different fishing technique used to catch big game fish. The sport of fishing is also known as ‘angling’. Salmon and trout are the popular fish that are sought by anglers of fly fishing. In recent times other species of fish such as Bass, carp and pike have been added to the list of game fish that fly fishermen seek the world over. Fly fishing is believed to have originated in Macedonia in the 2nd century and has now become a popular sport among the European and American fishing community.

Fly fishermen have developed many different lures to attract the game they seek. They have also developed ways to cast and reel in the lure to hook the game that more often than not gets fooled into biting. Some of the lures that are popular among fly fishermen include:

1. Emerges and dry flies, these include stone flies and midgets.
2. Nymphs such as Mayflies and worms.
3. Streamers wet flies such as buggers and leeches.
4. Saltwater flies such as marlin and sail fish
5. Bass and Panfish flies examples are crawfish and eels

It is important to have the proper gear for fly fishing. The most important gear is the fly fishing rod. This piece of equipment may vary from 6 feet in length to 12 feet. The fly rod must match the weight of the fly line. A mismatched fly rod with the wrong weight line will result in improper casting and will ruin the whole exercise. The length of the rod itself is determined by the type of fish the angler is going after the bigger the fish the larger the rod and heavier the line.

The babboo split cane is a popular fly fishing rod. This rod is made by splitting the bamboo into four lengths and gluing it together again over a solid core. Freshwater trout fishing is a fly fishing sport that demands this kind of bamboo rod for success. Synthetic fly fishing rods are making their presence known; however, the die-hard fly angler will stick to the traditional bamboo fly rod and tackle.

The line of the bamboo rod is usually made out of horse’s hair. This line needs to be regularly dried or it will rot. The silk line used for fly fishing has the same requirement. However, these days the synthetic nylon line is the best suited for fly fishing as the line is stronger and lighter than the traditional fly fishing line.

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Sports Fishing – Become A Menber Of The Worldwide Community

Hundreds of thousands of sports fishers enjoy fishing-oriented events, competitions, and fishing expeditions designed for all levels – from novices to well-seasoned game fishermen. The perfect practice for people who love being outdoors in nature, enjoy quiet solitude or building close relationships with a few friends, and thrive on the challenge of learning the skills needed to attract, catch, and land the ever-evasive fish.

Opportunities to Learn Sport Fishing Basics

Anglers (who use a hook to fish) and other fishermen at all skill levels have a variety of ways to learn their craft. While many fishers learn the sport by first-hand trial and error experience, fishing schools are a great way to learn the basic techniques, whether you’re interested in game fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing, or rock fishing. Fishing guides not only teach you how to get the best results, but they show you where you can find the fish you’re after. Joining a group of more experienced fishers or a fishing charter tour will help you learn from the more experienced while you enjoy a group fishing adventure. You can even pick up tips and techniques when you visit boat shows!

No matter how your learn, you’re sports fishing education should include techniques for:

• Knots
• Wire Twists
• Hooks
• Tackle Maintenance
• Wind-on Leaders
• Crimps
• Splices
• Building Riggs
• Angling techniques
• Learning basic equipment

Popular Sport Fishing Spots

In the United States, locations people choose for sports fishing depend on the type of experience they want and the species of fish they want to catch. Inland freshwater fishing, where sports fishers enjoy casting, working with exotic lures, and gathering the food for a great fish fry, is best in cool-weather climates. But warm-water streams, rivers, and lakes also offer abundant rewards.

Inland freshwater fishing offers good eating species like trout, bass, catfish, crappie, minnows, sunfishes, and carp. Among many popular inland locations for sports fishing are:
• Chattooga River near Clayton, South Carolina
• Owens River near Mammoth Lakes, California
• Jacks River near Knoxville, Tennessee
• Mountain streams at Slate Run, Pennsylvania
• Deerfield River near Charlemont, Massachusetts
• Conasaugua and Jacks Rivers near Crandall, Georgia
• Cranberry River near Richwood, West Virginia
• Upper Connecticut River near Pittsburgh, New Hampshire
• North Branch of the Potomac River near Bloomington, Maryland
• South Platte River near Denver, Colorado
• Lake Eufaula near Eufaula, Oklahoma
• Great Lakes

American sport fishers who want to stay in the States and enjoy the challenges of saltwater fishing find great spots in harbors and on coastlines as well as out in deep ocean waters. Just a few of many popular locations for game fishing, where sports fishers seek the bigger, faster adversary include:
• Cape Cod, Cape Ann and Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts
• Charters from Atlantic City, New Jersey
• Long Island, New York
• Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island
• Albemarle Sound, Cape Fear, and Cape Lookout, North Carolina
• Middle Chesapeake Bay
• Charleston Harbor and Winyah Bay, South Carolina
• Apalachee Bay and Apalachicola Bay to Cape San Blas, Florida
• East Cape To Naples Bay, Florida
• St Joseph, St Andrew and Choctawhatchee Bays, Florida
• Tampa Bay to Crystal River, Florida
• Mouth of the Mississippi River, near Venice, Louisiana
• Corpus Christi, Texas
• Matagorda Island to Aranasas Pass, San Antonio Bay, Texas
• Matagorda to Aransas Pass, Carlos Bay to Redfish Bay Texas
• Mississippi Sound to Cat Island Lake Borgne, Mississippi
• Laguna Madre, Texas
• Channel Islands, California
• Baja California, Pacific Side
• Mission Bay and San Diego Bay, California
• Santa Catalina, San Clemente Islands, California
• Alaska Coastline, anywhere
• Hawaii Coastline, anywhere

Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii are among the most popular game fishing locations internationally. And sports fishing can be found near any major international port and near mature reef systems. For sports fishers who want to get experience outside the United States, just a few of many popular locations include:
• Caribbean Islands
• Offshore Mexico, particularly Baja California
• Eastern Coastline of Australia
• Costa Rica
• Egypt
• Samoa
• Tahiti

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The Best Bass Fishing Lures to Use

Is there one lure that will work best for all type of bass fishing? Veterans of this sport fishing will be quick to tell you that it really depends on why the bass is striking the lure. It could be an instant reaction to a foreign object in the water, an attempt to defend their territory against what is seen as a predator or because the fish wants something to eat. It is highly unlikely that the bass would be trying to defend its territory unless you cast out your line near a nest. Therefore, a bright and shiny lure would grab attention, as would one containing food.


Most of the time the best type of lure to use for fishing bass is shad. However, most shad grow larger than bass, so you need to look for the threadfin shad, which are the main food of bass. Shad tend to be deep in the water during the summer months, which makes it harder for the bass to feed on. This is one time of the year when you are most likely to be really lucky in catching bass because of the scarcity of the food source. You also have to realize that bass are most active during the afternoon hours and do not actively hunt for food once the sun goes down.


Another good lure for catching bass is carp. During the spring, there are a lot of newly-hatched carp in the waters on which bass do feed. During this season, they would be easily attracted by a gold or bronze colored lure shaped like a carp. If there are a lot of carp in the water, though, for the bass to feed on, you will have a hard time getting one to nibble or bite on your lure.


During bass tournaments, you can choose to use a worm, spinnerbait or topbait. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. Most bass fishermen like to use crankbaits because of their versatility. You can fish them from anywhere, such as on top of the water, right down to the bottom or somewhere in between. If you want these lures to suspend, then you can add weights to them.


You should make sure your hook is sharp and don’t automatically assume that split rings will last forever. They will get rusty, which will weaken them and cause breakage. You should inspect them regularly and replace them with new ones as soon as you notice any damage. Think about the depth of water that you are fishing in when choosing crankbaits. In a river that is 10-12 feet deep, you should use a crankbait that runs at least 15 feet. Using a light line will also let your lure go deeper.


There are different materials in lures as well. Plastic lures are very light and are easier to throw, but wooden ones have more buoyancy in the water. If you are fishing in really cold water, then your best bet with a crankbait lure would be to use a flat sided one and if the water is not clear, use a lure that rattles to attract the attention of the bass.

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