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Saltwater Fishing- Get The Best Fishing Reels

Irrespective where you are fishing the fishing reels must be the best quality and not let you down. If you are in the process of building your fishing kit, you should pay particular attention to the kind of equipment you are putting together. A penny pinched here and there could cost you a prized trophy on any of your fishing trips. There are different sets of equipment for different game. You definitely so not want to fish for shark with a rod and reel designed to go after carp do you? As you gain experience an angler you will be adding equipment to your fishing gear. You should only add the best and proven equipment if you want to prevent frustration and disappointment on any of your fishing trips.

The reel on your fishing rod is a very important bit of equipment, especially if you are fishing in the salt waters of the deep seas. The size of the fish that you can hook can be monstrous and put up a big fight when you try to land it. The reel is essentially a set of gears that facilitate reeling in a huge weight. When you hook a large fish such as a Marlin or a shark you will ensure that you are able to bring it in without losing your equipment. This is the reason many fishing boats have a seatbelt for the angler and a fastening system for the rod as well. The saltwater fishing reel is designed to lock in a way that will prevent the reel from un-winding. The gears on the reel facilitate the angler to effortlessly reel in the fish a little at a time.

If you hook a large fish it is going to put up a great fight to prevent you from bringing it in. You will have to be patient if you do not want to lose your hook and lure. Reel in the fish slowly allowing it to swim and trash around in the water. If your fishing rod is secured to the boat you do not have to worry about losing it, at the most you will have to cut the line and let the fish go. But if you have patience, and the right equipment, you can have the biggest fish for a trophy. Basically you’re fishing reel and line is what should not let you down.

Salt water fishing reels differ in size and use. A reel too big will not serve the purpose of fishing for smaller fish and a small reel will not be any use when you are fishing for big game. Experience will teach most of what you need to know about fishing and the equipment that is just right for the game you are after. Experienced anglers will teach you where to get that equipment from.

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Carp fishing Reels, fixed spool or baitrunner which is best?

As well as carp fishing rodscarp reels are a very important part of your tackle that you will need to get right. You will find two types of carp reel that anglers use when they go fishing. One is the fixed spool one clutch reel and the other is the baitrunner two clutch reel. Both carp reels have their supporters and critics, but they both in essence do a similar job.

Fixed Spool Reel

The fixed spool reel is normally setup with the clutch set just under the breaking strain of the line however it does have potential problems. If a big carp was to take your bait and make a run for it then there will be a very good chance of one of two things occurring.

The first thing that will probably happen is that the run would be so fierce that it would break your line before you were able to get to the rod and release the clutch some more.  The other thing that would probably happen if the line didn’t break is that the rod would be pulled from it’s rest and the next you know is your rod and reel will be seen sailing across the lake after the carp. 

Really the only time that this kind of carp reel is really any good is if you happen to be sat right next to it and saw the initial indication of the bite and was prepared for when the carp made it’s big run.  You could leave the bail arm off instead of setting the clutch but try that during a windy day and you will end up with all your line over the floor in a terrible mess.

Baitrunner Reel

This two clutch carp reel is the most commonly used one when fishing for carp nowadays.   Your normal (first) clutch is set up to match the breaking strain of the fishing line. With this clutch engaged you cast you bait out and set your rod up on a rod rest or pod. Once you are happy with the position of the bait, you then engage the lighter (second) clutch called the baitrunner.

Similar to the first clutch you will also be able to adjust the tension of the second clutch so if you are fishing in windy conditions or moving water you would increase the tension of the clutch, in still conditions you will have the clutch tension on a lighter setting. With your clutch set up correctly a fish could take the bait, bolt and would take line from your spool without it getting tangled or dragging your rod and reel into the water.

To engage the second clutch is as easy as picking up your rod and turning the handle of your carp reel. The turn of the handle instantly engages the first clutch that is set up to match your fishing line weight.

Carp reels should really therefore be of the baitrunner type, and although a little dearer than the normal fixed spool carp reel, the added cost could mean the difference between landing that large specimen or losing your rod and reel altogether.


With all the carp fishing equipment out there it is a good idea to get some knowledge before parting with your money. If you would like to know more then visit www.carpfishingequipment.org

Carp Fishing Equipment the basics you need to get started

Preparation is key when you are looking to take up carp fishing.  The price of the equipment will vary depending on the carp fishing rodscarp reels  and accessories that you want to purchase.  You can pick up a basic set for around £50-£60 or you can go more upmarket and spend hundreds if not thousands.  For someone just starting out it is advisable to study as many reviews and fishing magazines to guage what carp fishing gear is out there.  Again you’ll want to think about the waters that you’re going to be fishing before making any purchases.

Where you decide that you are going to fish is one of the factors that you need to think about before you purchase any carp fishing equipment.  If you are looking to fish thickly weeded areas where you might have to bully a fish to land it  then you need to take a look at a heavier sort of tackle.  If however you are fishing a gravel pit or a large lake free of weed then you can get away with lighter tackle as you can give the fish a lot more slack.

Another great idea is to visit the waters and talk to the anglers that already fish there, by doing this you will probably get a good idea of the kind of tackle that is used.  These people will have no financial interest in the carp fishing equipment for sale in the tackle shops which means you ought to be able to get an unbiased review on what is required for each fishery.
When you have decided what type of tackle you are looking for then it is time to visit the tackle shops.  You should physically visit the tackle shops so you can get an actual feel of different rods and reels.  Once you have got a feel for the rod and reel hold off from making a purchase and begin to shop around.  You will almost certainly manage to get a better deal on the internet and as you will have physically handled the products you are not buying blind.

In addition to a rod and reel there are two other items that you will need to purchase. One of them is a landing net which needs to be at least 42″.  You also need to ensure that it has a fine mesh so that the carp’s fins cannot get caught.  You also must have an unhooking mat as this is a requirement on every fishery which you visit.

What you must not do when buying your carp fishing equipment is try to do things on the cheap. There may be a lot of temptation to buy a basic kit when you are first starting out, but could wind up cursing your luck when that 30 pounder gets away due to your inferior equipment.


With all the carp fishing equipment out there it is a good idea to get some knowledge before parting with your money. If you would like to know more then visit  www.carpfishingequipment.org