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Choosing a Pet Fish

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A good option for small homes, fish generally require less space than other pets. After the initial expense of setting up a tank, their upkeep is also relatively inexpensive.

Do your research about the kind of environment your fish will need, and, when keeping different kinds of fish together, avoid overcrowding and make sure they are compatible with each other. Read up on common health problems to look out for, as veterinary treatment is not generally an option.


To keep fish well and happy their environment must be carefully controlled. Research what your fish needs and buy the equipment in advance. Basic equipment includes: a tank, filter, heater, lighting, gravel or sand for the bottom of the tank, real or plastic plants and other decor items and a net for moving your fish.

Get out of the tank

Alternatively, if you have space in your back garden, consider setting up a fishpond outside. Goldfish are commonly kept as pond fish, and come in more than 100 varieties, although not all these will be hardy enough to overwinter outdoors. Koi carp are a good option for more experienced fish owners. These ornamental fish have beautiful colouring and markings, but can be extremely expensive to keep and difficult to protect from herons and other predators.

Choosing a fish

Fish vary greatly in appearance and habits. Here are some popular options you might want to consider.

1) Danios

Small, slender fish, hardy, attractive and easy to look after Good for keeping with other fish, prefer the upper level of the tank Sociable fish, enjoy a strong current, plants and other diversions Omnivorous, eat dried food and enjoy treats of live food Common types include Zebra, Pearl, Leopard, Gold, Blue, and Giant


2) Clown Fish

The distinctive orange, white and black fish of Finding Nemo fame These saltwater fish need their environment and diet to be carefully controlled – an inappropriate environment can be fatal Omnivorous, eat dried food and occasional live food as a treat Naturally has a symbiotic relationship with anemones that can be recreated in a tank Fish in a shoal are all male except one female; if she dies the largest male will change sex to replace her


3) Piranhas

A more unusual option, these carnivorous fish can live for up to 25 years Naturally hardy so good for the beginner, but please do mind your fingers Can grow quite large so need a big enough tank Young fish will eat flakes and freeze dried food but older ones prefer lean beef, chicken and fish, and some fresh fruit and vegetables Types include Red Belly, Black, White, Gold and Wimple

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I just bought 20 gallon glass made aquarium and 2 yellow koi carps fish about 2 inchs long with some other aquarium stuff. I filled water in it, decorate my new tank and drop them in. They are happy swiming and playing. I bought food for them also named Six-Seven hi-protein. I am feeding them twice a day. One of my friend told me that these fish can get big upto a foot long if i kept them in a big space. I don’t have any plan for buying big tank in future. These fish have to live in this tank for ever. So, i am wondering to know that how big they can be in my 20 gallon tank? Does any one know? Thanks Its been already more than a week that i bought them. And i don’t think shopkeeper will refund my fish. I haven’t see any kind of problem on fish. They are very happy once i go infront of them they come at to me and ask for food. I can’t return them. Actually my question was ”How big they can get upto in my 20 gallon tank”?

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