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Fly Fishing – With The Right Equipment And Technique It Is The Most Enjoyable Sport

Fly fishing is a water sport and a very different fishing technique used to catch big game fish. The sport of fishing is also known as ‘angling’. Salmon and trout are the popular fish that are sought by anglers of fly fishing. In recent times other species of fish such as Bass, carp and pike have been added to the list of game fish that fly fishermen seek the world over. Fly fishing is believed to have originated in Macedonia in the 2nd century and has now become a popular sport among the European and American fishing community.

Fly fishermen have developed many different lures to attract the game they seek. They have also developed ways to cast and reel in the lure to hook the game that more often than not gets fooled into biting. Some of the lures that are popular among fly fishermen include:

1. Emerges and dry flies, these include stone flies and midgets.
2. Nymphs such as Mayflies and worms.
3. Streamers wet flies such as buggers and leeches.
4. Saltwater flies such as marlin and sail fish
5. Bass and Panfish flies examples are crawfish and eels

It is important to have the proper gear for fly fishing. The most important gear is the fly fishing rod. This piece of equipment may vary from 6 feet in length to 12 feet. The fly rod must match the weight of the fly line. A mismatched fly rod with the wrong weight line will result in improper casting and will ruin the whole exercise. The length of the rod itself is determined by the type of fish the angler is going after the bigger the fish the larger the rod and heavier the line.

The babboo split cane is a popular fly fishing rod. This rod is made by splitting the bamboo into four lengths and gluing it together again over a solid core. Freshwater trout fishing is a fly fishing sport that demands this kind of bamboo rod for success. Synthetic fly fishing rods are making their presence known; however, the die-hard fly angler will stick to the traditional bamboo fly rod and tackle.

The line of the bamboo rod is usually made out of horse’s hair. This line needs to be regularly dried or it will rot. The silk line used for fly fishing has the same requirement. However, these days the synthetic nylon line is the best suited for fly fishing as the line is stronger and lighter than the traditional fly fishing line.

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Carp Fly Fishing Is Not Your Average Sport

Although fishing with flies is most popular with trout and salmon anglers we also find carp fly fishing and fly fishing of an even tougher variety amongst deep and saltwater fishermen and women. Fly fishing for carp is not your average sport because there is nothing which is average about these fish.

It’s all about spotting the fish first and for this reason the correct tackle is required. The rod has to be able to make an accurate cast from 3 to 15 meters so the type of rod used is probably the most important piece of equipment. These fishermen have to be accurate and fast so a graphite rod of a 6 ‘ 8 weight which is between 8’6′ and 9’ is ideal.

It should have a medium tip and good backbone in the butt. The 9 foot rod would be a better choice if the water where you fish is snaggy and the carp weigh between 16 and 25 pounds.

A hard rod will not give an accurate cast and a soft rod will not stand up to the fighting vigor of a carp. They have a reputation for being notoriously dirty fighters, but this is obviously the reason why anglers enjoy fishing for carp, it definitely isn’t the delicate flavor.

Exposed rim reels of the larger variety are the best reels to use and this energetic and tricky fish will give the reel a workout. It needs to have disk drags, and approximately 150 m of backing line. Fly fishing for carp will see the reel’s maximum capacity put to use at times.

Micron or Dacron line of a 9kg or 20lb weight is best, push this up to 30lbs for snaggy waters. Use a 10 pound tip, tapered leader and get a feel for the amount of additional tippet you require. They are not that choosy about flies as carp are traditionally insect eaters, but experts find that they are easy to catch with wooly buggers of all the different colors, muddler minnows, Daves hoppers, and many more.

Because fly fishing for carp is about speed and accuracy, it is essential to wear polarized sunglasses. The brown or amber variety are recommended as these create contrast, while still completely blocking out glare off the water. But these lenses are recommended for all types of fishing and as this particular sport is about spotting the fish first, you won’t have much luck if you can’t see what is going on in the water.

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