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Episode 11 Extreme Winter Carp Fishing on Home Farm Fishery South Cheshire

In this video Harry Andy and Dave go night fishing for Carp in the middle of winter to Home Farm Fisheries in Alsager South Cheshire. The Venue holds Cat Fish upto 60lb and Carp to 30lb. We show both the Match and the Specimen Pool and Andy gets a run in the early hours of a very cold morning to take a Chub. The Winter weather was very cold dropping to around 2 degrees at times and a little windy at the end so appoligies for the sound. This short video details the cost to fish and the hiring of a wooden cabin and also gives the address and web site details of the venue. At weekends it is best to book your peg, or phone the bailiffs to see if they are busy. Thanks for watching and please subscribe

Episode 9 Carp Fishing at King GeorgeV Pool in Altrincham

In this video Harry Andy and YouTube member FishMadrid go Carp Fishing on King Georges Pool in Altrincham. Andy runs through his new set up that he bought on ebay and Harry gets a screaming run in the last hour to take a nice 14lb Mirror Carp. Andy and FishMadrid go back in time 20 years and show some of the fish they had from the lake in the 1980s and we get to see one of FishMadrids recent lumps from Spain caught just outside Madrid a 42lb Mirror The weather was windy so appoligies for the sound at times. Day Ticket Adult £2 Child £1 Sound Track Tour de France

How do bait boats help in catching those great carps?

While I do admire the wonders of nature while keeping an eye on my rods, my main target remains to catch some great carps. Let’s imagine we are now sitting at the edge of a pool, alleged to be populated by numerous carps, pike and other fish. We have our rods, bait and we need to decide where to have our swim.

How would you select your swim? Following your fishing experience, trusting your fellow anglers’ opinion, … ? Most of the time we are talking about hard to reach places, which puts us for another challenge: get our rig and bait over to that presumed ideal fishing spot. So we would like to be able to locate the fish and get our rig and bait to that spot with maximum accuracy and minimum risk. We need a tool to transport both bait and rig to the spot where the large fish have their meal.

 Thanks to modern technology we have the perfect solution via a radio controlled bait boat. If the rc bait boat is fitted with a fish discoverer, you can finally fulfil all the aspirations of a real carp or pike angler: find the ideal fishing spot and get yourself over to that perfect position with rig and bait to catch them fish. These radio controlled bait boats come in different taste and flavours, so when selecting your rc bait boat you need to always keep in mind your goal and your needs.

Is the function for finding fish with your rc bait boat required?
As mentioned in paragraph above, we want to locate the fish, in which case the fish finder function is necessary.
Be aware of the fact that there are bait boats that only deliver the more common purpose of a bait boat, which is to render the lure on your preferred location. As those rc bait boats do not accept the fish finder option, will not be able to add the fish finder function afterwards.

What is your normal quantity of bait?
The bait boats’ capacity is specified in kg or lbs. If the weight of your bait boat is specified to maximum 0.5kg, you could have to arrange multiple trips if your desired bait quantity is much more. Make up your mind about this specification as it also has implications for the price.

What is the maximum distance from your rod to your swim?
This range is expressed in m or ft and generally varies between 200 and 600m. Exceeding the distance might cause you to lose radio control over your rc bait boat. It is up to you to select the bait boat with the appropriate maximum range in line with your fishing style.

Is fishing at any time of the day a requirement?
Navigation lights and led indicating your bait has dropped will come in handy if you prefer fishing at night or in misty circumstances. Bait boats equipped with gps steering capabilities are ideal for this kind of work, but their high cost makes them less attractive.

What is your budget?
We hope that the selection criteria above allow you to evaluate your needs and choose your bait boat within your budget.

Smart fishing requires keen tools and talent. At heliosonline we provide a bait boat campaign to allow for better selection and use  of your rc bait boat.

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Creating a Fish Pond with Variety

In order to create the perfect fish pond in your own garden, you will need a performing pool or foil, pumps, special vegetation and fish. It sounds quite easy but what is really important is the way in which all these elements are combined in order to create the pond of your dreams.

First of all, it is very important to make up a plan of the pond. Its form, dimension and maybe a little waterfall all have to be in complete harmony with the yard you are willing to build it in. You have to avoid the areas close to the trees because leaves may fall and this wouldn’t be very aesthetic for the pond and could even destroy its natural balance. The necessary condition for the existence of a biologic equilibrium is sun light. If the pond does not receive enough sun light, the water temperature does not warm enough and the plants and fish do not evolve adequately.

Moreover, in order to style up the pond, you can give it a geometrical form (circle, rectangle or diamond). This style asks for sober vegetation, like water lilies and some semi aquatic plants. You can also hide the edges of the pond with river rocks or using a multitude of plants in love with watered areas. It also gives the pond a plus in what concerns the style and also contributes to the creation of the natural habitat for the fish that will come up in it.  In addition to this, it is very necessary to project the pond with variable depth. Thus, during the winter, the fish will have deeper areas to stay in and will not be affected by water freezing.

After two or three weeks from installing the pond, you can start to populate it. You may start with plants which evolve best in water, such as myriophyllum, potamogeton, ceratophyllum. They are very useful for fish and for the water oxygenation, stopping the apparition of algae. A very important element is represented by the famous water lilies. The varieties of this species are numerous as well as the form and the color of the flowers. You can combine different colors and different species in order to make the pond seem natural and stylish. In order to plant them, you have to use special baskets with sand covered with gravel as not to spread and to keep the plants very well fixed.

There are also some floating plants which can cover the surface of the pond and can move in the direction of the wind. Some of these plants are the water hyacinth and the water salad, which give the pond an exotic aspect. The bad thing is that these plants don’t survive in the winter. The edges of the pond can be populated with reed, rush, pond iris and pond lily, plants which also survive during the winter. As species of fish, the most recommended ones would be the exotic ones, such as Chinese carp or discus fish. Both of them can be found in different colors, which give the pond a great variety.

Jason Boonstra is the author of “The Ultimate Water Garden Manual” – compulsory reading for anyone considering pond fish species. For a FREE 20 part mini-course on “The Secrets To Creating & Maintaining a Stunning Water Garden!” go to => http://www.watergardentips.com