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The Brilliant Features of Koi Fish Ponds

Koi fish ponds can make brilliant features in anybody’s garden and the best thing about keeping Koi fish ponds is that these fish are not that difficult to look after. Koi fish come from the carp family which means that they can grow to quite a substantial size, so when you decide to keep Koi fish ponds you should always make sure that you have enough room for the fish to grow. The rule of thumb when it comes for space for Koi fish, is that each pair of Koi need around 1000 gallons of water at least, this means that if you are planning on keeping around ten Koi fish, then you will need 5000 gallons of water on average.

If you do decide to keep Koi fish ponds, or any fish pond in your garden then it is always a good idea for you to invest in some netting to go across the top of the pond and this will do several jobs. The first thing it will do is that it will deter your Koi fish from jumping out of the pond as Koi tend to leap around a bit, the second thing it will do is to keep any unwanted pests and visitors at bay such as the neighbourhood cat, or insects and bacteria. The third thing that this netting will do is keep the pond safe, if you have young children then it will act as a barrier so that they will be less likely to fall in. it is important to cover your Koi fish pond especially if you have children or cats.

Koi fish ponds are quite popular with fish owners because not only are they quite simple to maintain, but they also have a very good ornamental quality. Koi fish ponds act as a water feature in your garden and because of the fish’s wonderful colors and patterns they will be a joy for visitors to look at. If you are thinking about keeping Koi fish or Koi fish ponds then you should always do a little bit of research on the species of fish first so that you know exactly what they need to survive and to remain healthy and happy, as well as how you can maintain your Koi fish ponds to the highest of standards.

You can find valuable information on the internet, all you have to do is run a quick search and you will get dozens of helpful links and websites which will tell you everything that you ever wanted to know about Koi fish care and Koi fish ponds.

If you would like more details on how to build koi fish ponds, then please go to this site that covers everything having to do with koi fish ponds.

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Koi Fish Information – Rainbow In a Pond!

How about a live rainbow that shimmers right in front of your eyes, 24×7? Sounds beautiful, isn’t it? For those of you who know Koi fish, such a rainbow must be an old acquaintance! And for those who are just venturing into the Koi fish hobby, it will be a sight that comes in gratis with all the beauty, warmth and friendship that this ‘very social’ fish brings along.

Koi is a domesticated, cold water fish that thrives very well in outdoor ponds. It is popular for its beauty and adaptability. It is originally a species of Carp that was first bred for colour mutations in ancient China. Koi, in its present form, owes its worldwide popularity to Japan. ‘Koi’ means Carp in Japanese. The fish that is known world over as ‘Koi’ is actually the brocaded carp or ‘nishikigoi’ in Japanese. The Japanese started breeding Koi for colour in early the 19th century. The hobby spread all over Japan in the early 1900s, after the fish was exhibited in the annual exposition in Tokyo. Eventually, the Koi journeyed to various parts of the world.

Koi fish and Koi fish information is available in most pet stores. But if you want the best quality and information, with all the traits specific to the species, you should buy from a speciality store. There are different varieties of Koi, each having a specific colour pattern. However, the fish is still being actively bred for producing new colour patterns and for increasing the adaptability even further. Some hybrid varieties like the Ghost Koi and the Butterfly Koi have also been developed.
Based on the colour patterns some Koi varieties are listed below.

A glance at this list is enough to give you a peek into the colourful world of Koi:

?  Kohaku – White Koi with large red markings.
?  Taisho Shanshoku – Similar to the Kohaku but with an addition of small black markings.
?  Showa Shanshoku – Black Koi with red and white markings.
?  Tancho – It’s a term for any Koi with a solitary red patch on it.
?  Chagoi – A Koi with colours ranging from pale olive green to brown and bronze.
?  Asagi – A Koi that is light blue above and red (or sometimes pale yellow) below the lateral line and on the cheeks.
?  Utsurimono – A black Koi with a red, white or yellow markings.
?  Bekko – A Koi with a white, red or yellow skin and black markings on the top.
?  Goshiki – A dark Koi with red hi pattern.
?  Shusui – A koi with a sky blue or grey colour above the lateral line and red or orange below the lateral line and on cheeks.
?  Kinginrin – A koi with metallic scales.
?  Ogon – Metallic Koi of one colour only.
?  Ochiba – A light blue/grey koi with copper, bronze or yellow patterns.
?  Koromo – A Koi with Kohaku style pattern with black/blue edged scales only over the high pattern.
?  Hikari-moyomono – A koi with two metallic colours.

Besides these, a Koi that can’t be put into a specific category is categorized as ‘Kawarimono’.

Koi is very adaptable, but temperatures below 10 C are not very good for them. In an outdoor pond, it’s necessary to use protective measures in order to keep the predators away; as Koi’s bright colour results into being an attractive invitation.

It’s an omnivorous fish that requires to be fed on carefully designed nutritious food. Feeding is also the time when your Koi will respond to your love and care by eating from your hand, once they recognize you as their regular feeder.

So go ahead, and take a plunge into the rainbow world of Koi and add some colour for your pond to ponder!


Nelson writes more about raising koi fish here: http://www.koifishinformationcenter.com. He has raised, studied, bred and cared for hundreds of varieties of Koi. Nelson has become a well respected source of information for breeders internationally. His twenty plus years of practical experience and research are available in his latest book,<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”http://www.koifishinformationcenter.com”>http://www.koifishinformationcenter.com”> Insider’s Secrets To Raising Healthy Koi: The Ultimate Guide</a>.

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Creating a Fish Pond with Variety

In order to create the perfect fish pond in your own garden, you will need a performing pool or foil, pumps, special vegetation and fish. It sounds quite easy but what is really important is the way in which all these elements are combined in order to create the pond of your dreams.

First of all, it is very important to make up a plan of the pond. Its form, dimension and maybe a little waterfall all have to be in complete harmony with the yard you are willing to build it in. You have to avoid the areas close to the trees because leaves may fall and this wouldn’t be very aesthetic for the pond and could even destroy its natural balance. The necessary condition for the existence of a biologic equilibrium is sun light. If the pond does not receive enough sun light, the water temperature does not warm enough and the plants and fish do not evolve adequately.

Moreover, in order to style up the pond, you can give it a geometrical form (circle, rectangle or diamond). This style asks for sober vegetation, like water lilies and some semi aquatic plants. You can also hide the edges of the pond with river rocks or using a multitude of plants in love with watered areas. It also gives the pond a plus in what concerns the style and also contributes to the creation of the natural habitat for the fish that will come up in it.  In addition to this, it is very necessary to project the pond with variable depth. Thus, during the winter, the fish will have deeper areas to stay in and will not be affected by water freezing.

After two or three weeks from installing the pond, you can start to populate it. You may start with plants which evolve best in water, such as myriophyllum, potamogeton, ceratophyllum. They are very useful for fish and for the water oxygenation, stopping the apparition of algae. A very important element is represented by the famous water lilies. The varieties of this species are numerous as well as the form and the color of the flowers. You can combine different colors and different species in order to make the pond seem natural and stylish. In order to plant them, you have to use special baskets with sand covered with gravel as not to spread and to keep the plants very well fixed.

There are also some floating plants which can cover the surface of the pond and can move in the direction of the wind. Some of these plants are the water hyacinth and the water salad, which give the pond an exotic aspect. The bad thing is that these plants don’t survive in the winter. The edges of the pond can be populated with reed, rush, pond iris and pond lily, plants which also survive during the winter. As species of fish, the most recommended ones would be the exotic ones, such as Chinese carp or discus fish. Both of them can be found in different colors, which give the pond a great variety.

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