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Discover the Secrets of catching Big Carp

As a carp angler of over thirty years standing…yes even after all these years I’m still addicted to this great sport of ours! In my day there was very little in the way of carp fishing books and information, it was the days when most carp anglers were very secretive, keeping them self’s to them self’s…especially the more experienced carp fishermen.

Though there were some good points in those days…that are a total rarity today…less crowded banks! It was nice turning up at your lake knowing full well you could get any swim you wanted, even if it had an float angler in it, as he was sure to pack up before dusk. This is unbelievable to the present day Carp angler.

The methods and baits that were used in those days were pretty primitive compared to the terminal rigs of today and not to mention the wonderful discoveries of bait ingredients, flavours and additives of today.

Maybe that’s why it was so difficult in those days…

But back then once a general angler decided to progress to carp angler he never gave up, unlike the beginning carp anglers of today, judging by my local waters…

You only have to have a quick glance in the fishing weekly’s classified sections or ebay and you will see tons of near new carp fishing gear being sold off…I dare say that the majority of this gear is being sold by newbie carp anglers, who say carp fishing is really too difficult…

Why do most novice carp anglers struggle?

I believe that most new or beginning carp anglers, I’m sorry to say…are very narrow minded and stereotyped, this isn’t to say I think it’s entirely their fault, no far from it. My observations and from chatting to newbie carp anglers show that they are swayed by everything they read in the monthly ‘carp’ magazines. They read so and so are catching on the latest ‘Boilies’ so they rush out to buy a few kilos…Only to find they still fail to catch!

And this is a case in point, why do most newbie carp anglers think of only using boilies as bait, when there are plenty of equally if not better baits to use…So I suppose in a way we can put some of the blame on the carp fishing media for portraying this stereotyped way of thinking…Success equals the latest super duper matching carp rods that you can cast out for a mile and a bag of boilies!

After a long succession of blanks the novice carp angler is convinced that the carp has hereditary intelligence, as found in human beings.

This of course is untrue. However, it is true that it gains from experience, a form of education.

To return to the intelligence of the carp, some appear to have larger brains than others just as in human beings, which mean that certain individuals learn quicker than others.

Successful big carp fishing is about understanding the fish and its environment, NOT the latest bait or fancy rig seen in a glossy carp publication, the angler must also remember the older the carp the greater its knowledge. My observations have shown anglers who have a definite won’t budge type attitude tend Not to be as Successful as those with a flexible easy going open mind attitude. Confidence in your approach, tackle and preparation give the success orientated angler the correct attitude.

Too Your Success, Good Luck and Tight Lines…

Dennis R. Black…A Keen Carp Angler with over 30 years experience.
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The Secrets To Successful Koi Carp Fish Care

Loved all over the world for their vibrant colors and long living, Koi carp fish are absolutely wonderful additions to an outdoor pond. They are exceptionally popular and populate millions of outdoor ponds. While today, most live to be around thirty years of age, Koi have been known to live well beyond two hundred years old, with the oldest ever having lived to be two hundred and twenty-six years of age. No doubt, Koi care can be an integral factor in the longevity of Koi fish.

Koi carp fish belong to the same species of fish as the common carp, with the Koi being considered the most domesticated. The Japanese are credited as the first breeders of the marvelous Koi fish and their efforts date to the 1820’s. Koi are known for their variety of colors and attractive patterns which includes lively colors such as blue, green, red, orange, yellow, and silver. Of course, they can also be found in basic colors such as black and white. Their color is directly affected by their environment and the care that they receive. Proper Koi care requires a great deal of consistency and diligence.

Koi carp fish may behave differently in smaller versus larger ponds. This is something to be considered when planning and preparing for Koi care. Koi usually school when they are in smaller ponds, but will separate into smaller units when they are in a larger pond. Additionally, Koi are known to be very social with a number of other fish breeds, except in situations with much smaller fish that can fit into their mouths and be eaten. Remember, Koi are opportunistic feeders. Those that are planning to raise them should consider their social activity when making preparation for their pond.

Koi carp fish are best kept in ponds that are at least five hundred gallons, as they generally become large fish as they grow and age. As fish get bigger, they may outgrow your designated space. If you see that your Koi has the potential to exceed the allotted space, then you may need to designate a larger space, or trade them out for smaller fish. Take care to give the larger fish to someone that also has a passion for Koi fish. If you are into Koi, then you should make every effort to follow proper Koi treatment and care. Your close attention to your Koi can make your experience of Koi keeping very gratifying. Your Koi can be healthy with proper care, but that will depend heavily on the space designated for them, the water quality and temperature. Koi carp fish are not cheap fish and it can become very costly if you struggle with keeping them and have to replace them. Always remember that Koi fish are naturally used to cold water; thus, when keeping Koi, you should ensure that their environment is spacious and kept in the temperature range of 61 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it comes to Koi care, there are few major issues that can arise if owners don’t administer the proper Koi treatment to ensure their Koi fish are well cared for. Koi can remain in an outdoor pond during the winter because they are cold-water fish. They actually do very well in the colder temperatures; however, for proper Koi keeping, Koi carp fish should be kept in an outdoor pond that is more than three feet deep. During the winter season, Koi go into a hibernation phase and experience a dramatic decrease in digestive functioning. At this time they will not be able to properly digest food. If you continue to provide food, Koi can get sick because the food is not digested and will spoil in their stomachs. Therefore, when taking care of feeding your Koi, make sure that all caregivers know not to feed the fish when it is fifty degrees Fahrenheit or below.

Koi carp fish add a liveliness and brilliance to outdoor ponds that people find both enjoyable and relaxing. The presence of Koi in an outside pond can make sure of a pleasant garden experience. Owners know and can appreciate how wonderful it is to have Koi carp fish as a part of their lives.

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